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How To: Sneak Into Fashion Week

Yet another fashion week has come and gone, another week full of watching beautiful clothes and directing thoughts of jealousy towards the people who are able to see these shows in person. If only there was a way to get under the tents….but wait! Not everybody who attends Fashion Week is a celebrity or at the top of a masthead. Who are those people in the back rows of the runway shows? How do they get there?

Who says that person can’t be you? It might take some guts to sneak your way inside, but here’s a few tips in dressing the part:

1. Take a normal concept to the next level. We all have coats and jackets to get us through the winter season, but how many of you have capes stashed away, waiting for use? I know I don’t. This is key to sneaking in, because the security guards won’t know the difference between Chanel tweed and the Forever 21 blazer you bought last week. But, they will recognize a fashion forward outfit that doesn’t make you look like you’re just another cute onlooker. Let the cape make its statement by pairing with black skinny pants and black heels. Bonus points if you find one in a bright color to pop against a black background.

2. Pump up the volume. Scarves are normal; wraparound styles in netted texture and edged in fringe are not. The bigger the better, too. Once again, let it take the focus of the outfit by pairing with neutral, form-fitting clothes. And as always, wear heels.

3. Cuff your ears. Not only do these ear cuffs make a bold statement, but they can be found for less than $30! Urban Outfitters has a wide selection for varying degrees of daring. Be sure to pull your hair back in a slick pony with these accessories to put them in the spotlight.

4. Incorporate the “it” color. The most important thing to ask yourself as you assemble your outfit is, if you saw yourself walking under the tents, would you believe that you belong there? These shoes will convince any sideliner you are meant to be there. Not only do they add just enough oomph in height, but they can also be found in the hottest color of the moment.

Of course, remember never to mix and match trends or statement pieces. Each of these options are meant to be worn alone. Instead, focus all the other parts of your outfit on displaying the fashionable piece you are wearing.

The Fall 2012 shows don’t roll around until February, but that just gives you plenty of time to prepare your attack. Let me know how many of you manage to sneak in!


One comment on “How To: Sneak Into Fashion Week

  1. Rachel Kadavy
    September 20, 2011

    Ohhh sneeky and savvy! Love it! Fun article!

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