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What Have you Done For You Lately?

With all the running around we have to do it can sometimes become overwhelming. Sometimes we are so consumed with helping others that we forget to take care of ourselves! You deserve to get a little attention too. Here are some ways to help you not only have some time for yourself, but to remind you to enjoy yourself each and every day.

Striving to help other people is an amazing, respectful and a definite blissful belle gesture, but don’t let that stop you from having a little “me time.” The roles that everyone has to take on is any given day is crazy. The roles we take on can be the student, girlfriend, daughter, friend – all in one day! It’s important to add “self care-giver” to the list as well.

Speaking of lists, one way to do this is to create a list. This list should contain many things. You can start with a plan for your week. Schedule your week. It can help you figure out which days will be best for you to have your “me time.” Make your plan realistic, and acknowledge that there has to be some room for error. A key point to remember is to make sure you allot yourself a reasonable amount of “me time.” Today’s Women and  agrees that once you realize that “by not incorporating some degree of relaxation in our lives, we stand the potential of suffering from mental and physical health complications,” you’ll hopefully take some of these tips into consideration, and take some time for you.

Get in the Zone

List the places that you can go to find peace and quiet. Sometimes the art of doing nothing is amazing. Whether it’s the library on campus, or a tree right outside your dorm, having a place where you can go and clear your mind can help in many ways. Once you have solidified a place of serenity, you can figure out what it is you’re going to do to help you unwind.

Listen To Or Through Silence

Simple quiet environments will help you find the time to connect. If a tranquil atmosphere isn’t for you, try listening to music. Music acts like a therapist. Create a calming playlist to experience the maximum benefits of music therapy. By channeling your time into music, you can help focus your energy on staying present in just that moment, pushing distractions and stress further away.

No Tricks, Just Treats

Treat yourself. Whether it’s indulging and cooking yourself a delicious meal or making sure to take time out for your favorite TV program with absolutely no interruptions. Put your cell phone on silent and get lost in the lives of your favorite characters.  If you’re in the mood to spend a little money on yourself, treat yourself to a manicure at a local spa. For a more active approach, try yoga, or take a walk in a local park.

Here’s some things for your to try:

  1. Listen to music outside
  2. Take a bubble bath
  3. Read the next chapter of that book you have on your nightstand
  4. Go shopping at your favorite store
  5. Create yourself an elaborate meal
  6. Go to a Yoga class
  7. Walk in your favorite park
  8. Do arts and crafts
  9. Write in your journal
  10. Take a break from technology

Whatever it is you choose to do make sure you take time for yourself frequently to reap the physical and mental benefits. The time you spend on yourself will not be wasted. Balance your life by giving to yourself as well as others to enable yourself to have some time in bliss.


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