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NY Fashion Week: Bright Lights and Human Rights

There are some trends we may never agree on. I might love animal print, while you prefer plaid. But regardless of our differences, there is something we will always have the same thoughts on: torture will never be “in.” As blissful belles we know that there is nothing glamorous about forced child labor or human suffering. While we might consider this a cold hard fact, IMG, the company that organizes Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, didn’t exactly get the memo.

Torture, murder, and forced disappearances are a pattern that Uzbekistan’s dictator, Islam Karimov, thinks he can get away with regardless of the season. His daughter (definitely not a belle), Gulnara “GooGoosha” Karimova is a high-ranking member of her father’s regime, who has stood by as gruesome disgraces murder her fellow citizens, according to Human Rights Watch.

“GooGoosha” was scheduled to debut her new spring line in New York this fall. Due to the persistence of human rights activists and Human Rights Watch, the spotlight was on her behavior and not her ‘Guli’ fashion line. She was denied the opportunity to debut at Lincoln Center, but her show was later seen at Cipriani’s on 42nd Street. The show was credited to several designers and it is rumored that she wasn’t in New York at the time of her show.

The key human rights violation that Gulnara is accused of is forcing children to work picking cotton in her country, one of the world’s largest cotton producers. According to campaign director Tim Newman of International Labor Rights Forum, this cotton that is a result of forced child labor is appearing in clothing that WE buy in the United States. Belles, this issue affects us. Do you want to contribute to the suffering of innocent children for the sake of looking cute? You can get informed, know what you’re buying, and still look amazing.


To find out which companies are socially responsible:

Cute Tees that are socially conscious:


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