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Practice Bliss: Benefits of Yoga

Do you want to get stronger and leaner? How about improving your flexibility and establishing better posture? Would you like to alleviate your stress, improve your concentration and be in an overall better mood? If you answered yes to these questions then the practice of yoga should be right up your alley!

Yoga has incredible health benefits. Along with the physical benefits, it is also a fabulous way to improve your overall mental state. If you are like most college students, staying sane and calm are definitely two priorities!

The list of the physical benefits is incredibly long, but here are just a few examples of what yoga can do for you when added to your workout routines:

  • Better flexibility. This helps alleviate pain and stiffness from other workouts. According to an article on, yoga safely stretches your muscles by releases the lactic acid that has built up during exercise. When this acid is released, you decrease the chance of muscles soreness and joint stiffness.
  • Increased strength. It also has the added bonus of long and lean muscle mass. An article on suggests doing downward dog, plank hold, up dog, and chair pose to help strengthen your upper and lower body.
  • A toned body. It tones the entire body, especially the abs and arms. The additional strength you will add to your body will not be bulky muscle, but long, lean and toned muscle. says that if you commit to a yoga program and take it seriously, you can feel and see the benefits almost immediately!
  • Better posture. This helps relieve back problems and gives you a confident appearance. Many of us sit hunched over all day at a computer or a desk, which leads to poor posture. says that although yoga will not actually make you taller, it will help you to stand up straighter, therefore giving you the appearance of a longer, leaner body.
  • Massages your inner organs. This is something most people don’t even realize that this can be done. According to, certain poses can reach organs that will never get external stimulation, which helps release toxins and keeps our body healthy.
  • It can help cure asthma. This is an alternative to a regular medical treatment, but according to the website, it has been proven to work wonders! Yoga increases movement in your rib cage and your spine, which helps with your breathing and helps loosen up the lungs.
  • It can help your memory and learning. The meditation aspect of yoga helps increase circulation of blood to the brain, which helps calm the mind and help you concentrate better. Next time you need to study for a test, take some time to meditate first and then hit those flash cards!

       Clearly, yoga has a multitude of benefits on      the physical side. It provides benefits for your  mental health as well. A stable mentality and  positive outlook on yourself and the world  around you is essential to your overall  happiness.

Most people view yoga as a great way to  work out and burn calories. However, along  with the calorie burn it also focuses on  meditation. Breathing exercises are used to  center and focus your mind and your awareness.  According to, “Nearly every yoga  student will tell you they feel happier and more  content after class.” Why wouldn’t you want to give yoga try?

The mediation aspect of yoga is what helps with the mental state of the people who practice it. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran yogi, all levels learn how to quiet the mind, focus on the present moment  and becoming more aware of themselves. This harmonizes your mind with your body, which is something many people never take the time to do. Keeping your mind and body in a peaceful state leads to less stress and therefore a happier you!

College students juggle insanely busy schedule. The schedules include homework, social lives, meetings, class, friends, working out and everything else that happens in between. A hectic lifestyle leads to mental burnout, physical illness and overall unhappiness. If this sounds like you, yoga could be the perfect solution.

Get started by signing up for a yoga class at your local gym. It helps to take a class at a yoga studio because the instructor will help you learn the correct poses for meditation. Most gyms offer a free trial class to get a feel for the studio atmosphere.

Yoga is still an option if you don’t have access to a studio. Check out your local library or for yoga DVDs. These are savvy options when you don’t have the studio outlet, the money, or the time to get a membership.

Another great option, if you have it, is to use your TV’s “on demand” feature. People with FIOS or DirectTV can use this at any time of the day and the fitness routines change monthly.

Give yoga a shot and see for yourself how it can change your mind and body.


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