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How-To: Plan A Semester Abroad

Even though the fall semester is just getting started, the opportunity to spend an entire semester experiencing the glamour of a foreign country takes planning. Every Blissful Belle should take advantage of studying abroad and come back to the States looking bellisima, sad to leave those Gerard Butler sexy accents behind.

France, Argentina, Spain, Australia. There are so many places to choose from, the list can be overwhelming. Coordinate with your university and specific degree program and see what countries they recommend. Although you do not have to go through your school, it will make things easier such as with transferring credits and finding a place to live.

Checklist, por favor! It is so important to stay up to date on all the forms that have to be completed in order to study abroad. There are usually several dates for payments to be made as well. Forgetting to turn something in shouldn’t stop you from having the chance of a lifetime.

Take advantage. If you go study somewhere in Europe take the opportunity to explore! Before leaving, buy plane or train tickets, and hostel rooms for weekend traveling. If you are studying in Barcelona, don’t just stay in Spain. Visit Amsterdam, Florence, Paris, or Portugal just because you can!

Three months worth of clothes? The idea of packing enough clothes to last an entire semester may seem impossible. Remember to pack clothes that can change up looks. For example, staple items like a black skirt, a pair of simple heels, and solid colored dresses. Pairing these with cardigans, different colored shirts, or accessories can give you multiple looks out of one outfit.

Don’t be afraid to leave everything behind for a semester. The experience is worth it and you’ll come back with a whole new perspective on life. Once you’re in the real world, opportunities like this are harder to come by so start planning and say Ciao! to spring semester.


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