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How To: Look Great Instantly

Ever run into a former flame or an en ex-friend when you are looking as unattractive as you possibly could? Don’t worry belles all you need is a little faith and maybe a comb I’ll teach you how to be fierce using exactly what you have in your purse. Always remember to pack a little emergency kit in your bag so that if something like this ever happens to you, you are prepared! Here are a few of the items you will need:

Comb/Brush: If your hair looks like a rat’s nest, don’t even bother brushing it. Pull it back and smooth the top with a comb and put your hair in a neat bun.

Ponytail: Carry a ponytail or a hair clip in your purse no matter what. Place one in every purse you own so that you are never without this necessary beauty tool.

Lipstick: Red lipstick will instantly make your teeth appear whiter and your lips will also look bigger and more kissable. By adding red lipstick you will be able to look as glamorous as if you had applied an entire face of makeup. And of course it takes about five seconds to swipe on!

Earrings: With your hair in a sleek bun, all you need is some great attention grabbing earrings. Earrings will tie the minimal-makeup look together and draw attention towards the face and away from the fact that you’re wearing Sketchers Shape-Ups.

Sunglasses: If you feel comfortable sans eye makeup then don’t bother putting the sunglasses on instead you can put them on top of your head to further smooth the bun or pony tail. And of course, if you haven’t gotten enough sleep put those bad boys on, who cares if you’re indoors, after all you’re one chic belle.

Pinch your cheeks: Okay, so that’s not in your purse, it’s attached to you, darling! Pinch those cheeks if you don’t have any blush in your purse! By squeezing your cheeks, you will send blood flow to your face. Therefore, allowing you to appear rosier, as if you actually did brush on some blush this morning!

Don’t Run: It’s tough to stick around for this little mess you’ve gotten yourself into but it’s better to suck it up girls and face that guy/girl barefaced and proud. Unless you’re Kim Kardashian, no one lives their life in full makeup so embrace your natural beauty!

Smile: Smile–it makes you appear relaxed and comfortable. By smiling, you’re letting the other person know how unaffected you are that you just ran into them abruptly, even if you are going to go home immediately and cry.

Be confident: It’s doesn’t matter if you are wearing a ball gown and tiara when you see your ex friend or lover, if you lack confidence you will look unattractive! By giving off the aura of confidence you are showing that other person how fabulous your life is without them, even if you do happen to be the grocery store clerk! Remember Belles, you’re fabulous no matter what and if you believe it others will too!


About Alexandra Palmer

Alexandra is a native New Yorker who's always had a keen interest in news. She was drawn to the industries fast paced and deadline driven environments. She recently graduated with a Masters of Arts in multimedia journalism from New York University, where she specialized in video production, reporting, and editing. Some of her most prominent accomplishments include an investigative piece on campus sexual assault her and fellow NYU student Rajeev Dhir published in Al Jazeera America in February. Alexandra has also interned at several prestigious news outlets, including MSNBC's Ronan Farrow Daily Show, and Us Weekly. Alexandra's interests outside of journalism include, acting for film and television. Alexandra recently wrote and starred in her first one act play this August. The piece was selected as a semi-finalist in the New York New Works Theatre Festival. Writing is Alexandra's first love. Alexandra is also graduate of Marymount Manhattan College with a Bachelor of Arts in English and World Literature, and a minor in Hispanic Studies.

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