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Master the Art of Idling the Mind

    When was the last time you relaxed? It sounds like a foreign word considering every second of our days is filled with completing tasks and running errands. A study in the Journal of Marriage and Family found that women tend to feel rushed regardless of how much time they have to themselves. We’re constantly overwhelmed by thoughts of what we should do. We book up our free time and never allow ourselves those necessary quiet moments that replenish our energy. Stop, breathe and try these suggestions and savor the present moment.

    Sometimes it is tough to keep your job from overlapping with your personal life and school. The good news is that there are ways to keep your life balanced and achieve happiness by creating serenity in your everyday schedule. It is important to find ways to set aside some “me time” and relax your mind. Many people voluntarily fill gaps in their schedules with more tasks. It truly is more beneficial to take a mental break when you get the chance. Sometimes the importance of a peaceful moment is ignored, but optimal productivity cannot occur without it. Think of your mind as a computer, if you load it with too much information it could crash! We need to schedule rest periods just like we set aside time to eat, socialize and study. Some of us might even need to lay down strict rules for what can and cannot be done during this time. We seem to think that in order to feel more fulfilled we need to squeeze every last bit of energy out of our work ethic.

 Baby steps: If you’re not use to taking breaks and slowing down, you might want to schedule in some free time. It sounds like something that just shouldn’t be scheduled because it almost takes away the whole idea of “relaxing.” If you’re the type of person who is always tempted to keep working until it’s late at night, it could be the only way to achieve some zen time. Although some of us may feel uncomfortable with being solitary, it is essential to practice being alone. It doesn’t have to be meditation for one hour every day (although, if you have the time that would be ideal!), it can be done at any moment for as little as one minute! Just turn off your thoughts and relax your mind.

 Lean mean multitasking machine: Multitasking might be OK at work, but it could transfer negatively into your personal life. Studies show that most of the people who multitask and think they’re getting a lot done are actually doing themselves a disservice. We live in a world where computers, magazines, and cell phones are at our fingertips for easy access all day long. Not only does this affect our attention span, it also affects the way our minds work. We are constantly overloading it with tons of information. Avoid multitasking in order to give 100 percent attention to each task that you complete throughout your day. Try this: The next time your standing in line for coffee, put down your cell phone and take a minute to reflect on the moment, let your mind wander freely.

Scheduling “me time”: Once a month, schedule a time that’s just for you. Turn off your cell phone and do something that makes you happy. Contemplate your ideal way to spend your time. It can be shopping, going to the beach, reading a book, or whatever puts your mind at ease. The key is to do something that allows your mind to take a break. Too many times we are so worried about getting to our next task we do not stop to notice the beautiful world around us.

 Analyze your down time: Free time doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sit in your room or cubicle and relax. It could be a chance to do things you never have the time to do. Maybe you feel as though you don’t get outside enough. Schedule one session per week involving exercise or, at the very least, a walk in the park. If you like to paint, this would be the perfect time to practice. Hobbies are an ideal way to idle your mind.

     It can be hard to follow rules that you set for yourself. Self-discipline plays a big role in the calming of the mind. Practice channeling your inner focus on a daily basis. Mind relaxation isn’t a waste of time and is truly important to your productivity and happiness.


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