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How-To: Spice Up Your Locks

If you’ve never dyed or highlighted your hair, having the same look for your locks can get old. But the idea of something permanent can be frightening! Not to worry. These fab options offer a change without the longterm commitment.

Feathermania. It’s hard not to notice the feather craze that took over. Ranging from neutral browns to lime greens, these hair additions give just the right amount of boho style to any look. Lasting for a maximum of a few months any Blissful Belle can pull off this trend.

Long and longer. Hair extensions are a little well-known secret that few indulge in. These clip on strands add a hint of glamour to a night out. They are sure to change up your look, and after one night you can toss them aside till the next time!

Side swipe or straight across? Bangs can be a risky maneuver. However, if you get them long and not too blunt then some days you can pull them off as side bangs. This gives you another option so the new look doesn’t have to be a 24/7 deal!

Twinkle. For the girly Blissful Belle’s of the group, tinsel is a must! This discreet hair addition is similar to the feather, but will add a sense of glitter to your hair. Offering just the right amount of sparkle to any outfit, this trend is sure to pick up!

Don’t be afraid to try something new! For only a couple of months, anyone can pull of these chic new looks!


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