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How-To: Survive Cooking in College


How much Ramen Noodles can one person actually eat!? We all know that instead of spending money on food we rather save it for clothes or going out. However, every college student can eat on a budget without resorting to eating microwavable noodles everyday.  Here are some tips that will help you survive those bland college meals, and which will hopefully last with you way after college.

  1. Print out coupons from newspapers and follow the circulars. This will save you tons of money!
  2. Chances are you live with one or more people so you can buy in bulk; this is cheaper in the long run because you won’t have to constantly run out to the store for more stuff. Having a room filled with healthy snacks and meals will also prevent late night binges, say goodbye to that freshman fifteen!
  3. Can goods are always key! You can buy healthy soups and vegetables and they last longer!
  4. Also, buy frozen foods. Yes it’s not as fresh or organic but it will go further and save you more.
  5. Since we’re all poor college students, make sure your getting the most bang for your buck.  Check the prices of the food and how much of the product you are getting.
  6. With all of the money you are hopefully going to save, the rest can be spent on fresh fruits, vegetables and meats.

Don’t forget to add some variety and be a little creative! You can still save money by cutting costs on certain foods and you won’t be stuck living on Ramen Noodles!


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