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How-To: Find the Perfect Party Dress


Of course, when you are trying to find that dress that you have pictured in your mind you can’t seem to find anything close to it at the mall! I recently just went through this looking for the perfect dress for my birthday, after looking all over the mall I finally figured it out! Here’s some tips that I hope help you out in your search for the perfect dress J

  1. If you have an idea in your head of what the dress is going to look like try and shake that idea because chances of it meeting any of your expectations are slim to none.  Don’t focus on one type of dress, you may find that you really don’t like it or that another type is more your style.
  2. Also, search through your closet for the shoes that you want to wear, this way you have something to work from and you wont have to buy new shoes (trust me we all want a pair of new shoes, but let’s face it, we already have way to many and we’re  living on a budget).
  3. Now that you have your shoes bring them when you go shopping, so you can see the full effect of your outfit when trying on dresses.
  4. Go into every store! You never know where you are going to find a dress!
  5. Most importantly make sure the dress works for your body. You know what works for your body type and what doesn’t, so don’t even bother trying on the ones you know you can’t pull off. Plus this will keep you from getting discouraged when you can’t find the perfect dress immediately.
  6. CHECK SALE RACKS! There are great finds on these racks. You may find an amazing outfit on sale, what can be better than that for a girl on a budget!
  7. Make sure you have your smart phone with you so if you do find a dress, and the price tag is a little steep you can see if the store has any coupons going on. You can also see if it is listed online for a cheaper price and you can ask them to honor this price.
  8. Finally, when you do find a dress make sure that you can use it for another occasion. This way you will have something to wear in the future so you get your money’s worth and you don’t have to go through the hassle of dress shopping again!

Happy Partying! Remember work that dress!


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