Blissful Belle

Be Happy, Feel Beautiful

A Blissful Belle’s Road To Happiness

You know that feeling when you are so happy it feels like you are soaring? Not just happy but like, REALLY HAPPY. Ecstatic, even. Well, how about those days when you’re feeling really down and you can’t seem to imagine how you were ever that happy?

For some people these “down days” are few and far between. For others, they may come around more often. So, what gives? Why are some people seemingly so happy, while others seem to struggle? And more importantly, how can we achieve that happiness more often?

First off, we all have to realize that happiness is  a very relative term. One thing may make you  happy, but it may make your friend pretty  miserable. It is possible to attain that state of  bliss that your friend seems to possess. Here are  some ways to get happy!


Change Your Perspective: Are you unhappy about how a situation is playing out? Reframe your thinking about what’s going on or try to put a positive spin on it. How you interpret your situation directly influences your emotional reaction. If you look at something through a lens of sadness or anger, your mood will plummet. So put those rose colored glasses on and take another look!

 Smile: Just cracking a smile or laughing out loud  can actually make you happier. Yes, you may feel  foolish walking around with a fake smile plastered  on your face, but your body is actually releasing  endorphins as you do this. Endorphins make you  happy. Endorphins are a chemical naturally created  by the body that are released when we exercise, get  excited, smile, or laugh. So, fake a grin until you  find genuine happiness, Belle, and watch your mood  soar!

Exercise: As mentioned before, exercise releases those endorphins, which help elevate your mood naturally. Plus, when you exercise you will have a chance to clear your head and perhaps change your perspective. This will lead to better body confidence!

Pet A Pooch: Petting a dog or cat has been proven to help enhance your mood. Dogs are regularly used to help kids with terminal illnesses boost their moral and  happiness. Pets provide unconditional love and will always be there for you. A good way to bond? Kill two birds with one stone and take your pup for a walk—a dog and endorphins? Ultimate bliss!

Get Your Tan On: If you can, get out in the sun (safely of course)! Slather on your SPF and soak up the sun’s rays. Even if it is too cold to lie in your favorite lounge chair, you can still go for a stroll in the sunlight. Sunlight contains vitamin D, which is a natural vitamin that helps boost your mood and is only available via UV rays.

Read A Good Book: Get lost in a fictional story or pick up one of Chelsea Handler’s hysterical bestsellers. Reading a funny book or a book about something you are interested in can drag you out of that funky mood and put you in a better place. You can reevaluate your feelings when your head is clearer.

Call Up A Friend: One of the best ways to achieve happiness is to share an experience with your friends! They can make you laugh, smile and cheer you up. Within minutes you will be on your way to blissful happiness!

So, slap on a smile, grab a dog, and go for a run to clear your head and change your perspective. After that, read a book in the sun and then call up your bestie. Soaring yet? We hope so!


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