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The Write Way To Happiness

What if someone told you that writing things down could make you a happier person? Now we know what you’re thinking, you write papers and essays, why should you want to write anything else? Well, it’s been proven that writing things down, experiences both good and bad, can help change your perspective of where you currently are in your life and help you be happier in that moment. Grab a pen and paper and write away.

Writing can be divided into essentially two kinds of groups: writing therapy, and utilization of the skill. The cool part about it is that with practice, using the skill can provide an almost therapeutic response. This can still occur if you’re not doing it with a professional or for professional purposes. The reason it works, according to “How Positive Writing Can Increase Life Satisfaction” from, “Research has also shown that writing can increase people’s positive emotions and moods.” There is a correlation between writing down a positive experience and feeling more satisfied with your life.  For some reason, when people think of writing therapy, they associate it with all traumatic things, but it doesn’t have to be in response to those kinds of experiences.

The reason it works is because by writing thoughts down, and actually seeing the problem or experience on paper, you feel almost instant resolve. Writing it down on paper affirms your ability to accomplish whatever it is you need to get done. It also helps you maintain some type of order with whatever is going on in your life. A survey done by two Belgian researchers found that people who wrote things down were, “clearly happier, more enthusiastic, and more energetic,” according to  Their survey compared the concept of talking things through with a stranger, and writing things down, and the latter won out because it enabled people to see the “bigger picture” instead of the things happening right now.

You’re probably wondering how you should write and what you should write about. You have a lot of options. What works for you can vary depending on the amount of time you’re willing to commit, your creativity level, and how much you’re willing to share. Here are a few ideas and prompts to get your pen moving on paper, and you moving toward a happier life.

1. Write a list of your goals.

Seeing the things you want to accomplish, can help you make a plan to accomplish your goals and help you to ignore the things that will interfere with this. It will help you realize that small annoyances in your life are nothing when compared to the grand scheme of things.

2. Start a personal blog

Diaries may be a little too ‘90s for you, but a blog offers the same purpose and relief while acknowledging the fact that it is 2011. Now you may not want to put all your business out there, but some sites allow you to keep your blog private. Still worried? Try using a fake name when talking about some of your personal experiences so you can keep yourself anonymous and  reap the benefits.

3. Start a happiness blog

If you don’t want to take the personal route, you can just blog about the positive things that happen to you. It doesn’t have to include anything too personal. It will also be something nice for you to look back on, on days when you may be feeling down.

4. What inspires you?

Make a list of the things that inspire you.  Whether it’s a charity you read about, or the way the trees look when autumn is approaching.  Seeing a list of the things that inspire you will motivate you to try and take part in more positive activities.

5. What makes you happy?

Take the time to make a list of the activities and people that make you happy and then do your best to include them in your everyday life. The list will also be something that you can refer to when you need a happiness boost.

Whatever approach you want to take is up to you. Whether you write the responses in poem form, short stories, lyrics, or lists–what’s important is that you write. We all know that words can be powerful, so why not use that power to make you happy?


2 comments on “The Write Way To Happiness

  1. Neeks
    September 28, 2011

    I call the happy list my ‘feel good’ list. I’ve got one on my blog and invite others to add to it too 🙂
    You are right, writing can be very therapeutic. It’s good to involve myself in a character’s life and get out of myself. Thanks, great post.

  2. Feel Magic
    September 28, 2011

    great post! … there’s also some fantastic info about overcoming
    depression on the Feel The Magic blog ( if you’re

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