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How To: Handle A Scandal

Your best friend suddenly became your worst enemy after a public display of hatred at school. You found out your boyfriend cheated on you, and he wasn’t the one who brought you into the loop. Or, maybe the rumor mill just loves to churn out dirt on you way more often then anyone else.

We’ve all been there, to some degree. We’ve all had those days where, given the option to stay home and let the whole embarrassing disaster run its course on its own, we wouldn’t even bother getting out of bed. Unfortunately, everyone is going to have to face the music with every breaking scandal. But there is a graceful three-step approach to handling the scandal that will keep dignity firmly intact and help avert attention elsewhere.

  1. Talk about it. I know, it’s the last thing you want to do. But honestly, it’s the hot topic on everyone’s lips and if you don’t spell the story out correctly, they’re just going to find some half-baked version from somebody else. Take the high road and instead of stooping to the level of trying to avoid the subject and pretend like everything’s okay, sit down and answer everybody’s burning questions.
  2. Put your poker face on. All eyes are on you until the story wanes after a few days, and it would just be the icing on the cake if you publicly dissolved into tears or went on a raging tirade. Save your true emotions for when you’re with people you can trust, not the girl with the iPhone capturing your every sob and uploading it for the enjoyment of others.
  3. Get over it. Whether or not you feel like it, you will live past this moment. Yes, it will be forgotten eventually. When the scandal first breaks, address everything head on, but only for a day or two. Don’t break your normal routine, show up at all of your commitments, and people will quickly catch on to the fact that you aren’t letting the scandal bother you to a point worth talking about.

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