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Working out is essential to your health. The catch? Your workout wardrobe. If you aren’t wearing the proper attire the quality of your exercise session could be at stake. Now we get it, sometimes it’s hard because you obviously want to look presentable at the gym, but some of the products you own actually aren’t the best accessories for certain parts of your workout. Blissful Belle has compiled some athletic brands that will help you get the best workout possible, and look good doing it.


We’re going start from the bottom and work our way up. Believe it or not, getting the body you want has a lot to do with your footwear selection. According to a survey done by, athletic shoe brands like New Balance are actually one of the best brands for you to wear. New Balance footwear provides extra cushion for the soles of your feet, which can prove to be really helpful if you’re running, dancing or walking. If you have flat feet, a brand like Asics is ideal because most Asics shoes have a memory foam liner that will provide a more comfortable fit.


If you’re the type of girl who works out in shorts no matter what, then good ‘ol Nike is your best choice. The Tempo Track Shorts are a suitable option for a workout session. They are not only flattering, but they stay in place while you’re running or doing any kind of workout. This prevents a Janet Jackson-like malfunction from occurring. They also come in a lot of different colors to suit a wide range of preferences. Two important factors to look for with shorts are comfort and breathable material.  If capris and pants are more your style, just make sure the material is stretchy enough for you to move in. If this is your workout preference, Prana is a brand available at most sports stores that is perfect for you. When it comes to sweatpants, movability is obviously still important, but be cautious of the length.


When it comes to shirts, the best kind are ones that are made of a mesh-like material which allow your body to breathe. Cotton t-shirts aren’t always a good call. Although they may be convenient, and they do absorb some sweat, most often they aren’t, “built to wick the sweat away.” Your best bets are materials like nylon and spandex because they let air circulate more efficiently.

If you’re more of a tank top kind of girl; racer back tanks will do the trick.  They are flattering because of the way they fall in between your shoulder blades. They come in different materials such as cotton or spandex. Target has a good selection from Champion that comes in a variety of colors and are reasonably priced.


Whatever your preferences may be, the key points to remember are comfort and movability. Most of the suggestions given aren’t too expensive, but feel free to splurge every once in a while because these clothes will actually get a lot of use. Purchasing clothes that are proven to give you a better workout, will not only make exercise more enjoyable, but you will be more confident doing it. Above all, the best item to wear is not an actual accessory; it’s your smile.


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