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How-To: Make Your Place Roomy

A college lifestyle normally calls for crowded rooms, minimal closet space, and abnormally small showers. But a Blissful Belle needs her space! You shouldn’t have to sacrifice all your glam belongings for a little extra space. With some creativity that teeny room can appear bigger and better.

Low to the ground. Even though lofting your bed seems like a great way to add some extra storage space, don’t do it! When furniture is closer to the ground there is more wall space making the room appear larger. Mount the bed on risers for a little height, but too much will create an illusion of clutter. If that’s not convincing enough, climbing up a ladder to crawl into bed is way too much of a hassle for a belle anyway.

Less is more. You want to live in a relaxing room where you can actually breathe! Covering all the wall space in tapestries and pictures, or placing too many decorations around the room will shrink the space even more. Keep it simple and tasteful with one main decoration and you’ll be happy with the result.

Keep it light. Whether light is streaming in from a window or blaring from a desk lamp, you need light. A dark room looks smaller and closed off. The light will create a feeling of openness, making the room feel bigger.

Cool down the room. Most girls pick their favorite color to use in a room. While warm colors like orange and red might be great to reflect your bright personality, avoid that section of the color wheel. Warm colors will give a cozy effect and in a small room, cozy can easily become cluttered. Cool colors will create that desired airy feel.

There’s no need to dread spending time in your room. As a Blissful Belle your room should be your space so make some changes! With a little effort you won’t even want to leave.


About Carolina Herrera

BA in Interpersonal Communication Masters of Science in Journalism Candidate Medill Northwestern University

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