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Fall Fashion: Adorable Hats To Try This Season

With cool temperatures right around the corner, it’s time to bring out the hats, scarves and coats for the fall season. But, my beautiful Belles, don’t fret because hats are great accessories for any and all events. From your casual daily life to your great-aunts annual tea party, putting on a cute hat will not only make a huge fashion statement, but also give you a very feminine appeal that will have everyone else completely envious (in a good way of course!). Here are some of the cutest hat looks that will rock this fall season!

Fedora: They are the most beloved hats for both women and men. Coming in a variety of colours, sizes and styles, the fedora maxes out in its versatility. Paired with a jacket, undershirt and form fitting jeans, you’ll have a sleek, classic look that is toned down by putting your hair into a loose braid or beachy waves. Or, if you’d like, try it with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a tank top under an open blouse for that laid-back, but feminine casual look. With a fedora, your possibilities are only as endless as the clothing that colour coordinates with your chosen head wear.

Cloche hat: This is another extremely popular choice. The cloche is famous for its association with the roaring 1920s. Cloches have proven to withstand the come and go of fashion trends, with their ability to take any outfit up a notch for a classy touch. It’s great for a special occasion where the dress attire is more formal than normal (like a wedding or your grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary). Guaranteed, you’ll have heads turning.

Newsboy hat: It’s another great, casual wear that seems to work well with just about anything. Throw on a fitted vest over a casual blouse to give a “newsie” look for a feminine approach on the hats origins. Or, if you’re out and about on errands on a cool, autumn day, pair it with your favourite fall coat with a fun, light scarf while wearing your hair in a braid to give you that polished, but girly look.

Berets: Like the cloche, berets have been in fashion, year after year. They’re known for their French origins, and berets are very feminine and romantic, which of course every girl loves! If you have a white trench coat, buy a bright coloured beret, like red, for example, to give you a look that will be sleek and sexy all fall and winter long. Try it with a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans, thigh high boots and a loose fitted blouse while wearing your hair in straight, shiny lengths for a sexy take on a casual look.

No matter what the style or colour is, hats are one of fashions biggest never-ending trends. They’re great for any event or time of year—plus, your money will not be wasted. And don’t forget to have fun with it! Play around with the hat, experiment by tilting it in different directions to bring out different angles, and features of your face and hair to get your desired look. Not only will you be warm, but also, you’ll be super stylish for fall!


About Rachel Kadavy

A young and upcoming journalist with a passion for fashion. I write short stories, sing, act and read for hobbies. You can usually find me sitting in the back corners of local Starbucks sipping my center-of-the-sun hot Americano (with soy and a short of hazelnut!) typing away on my beloved laptop with the latest copy of Vogue or Cosmopolitan. I also enjoy waking up early to watch the sunrise and to go for early morning strolls if I can pull myself away from my comfy window seat.

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