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How To: Be A Scent-sational Flirt

The sense of smell does not often get a lot of the spotlight when it comes to tips to turn guys on. It’s easy to understand why that happens though, because since when does an $80 dollar perfume bottle take preference over a quick swipe of mascara and a worn-in pair of daisy dukes? You might want to take note though, certain smells may be a lot more effective than that tube top next time you’re out on the town.

Your new three favorite words: musky, spicy and woody. These scents have been proven to stop guys in their tracks more so than any other scent on the market. You may look like an innocent girl playing hard to get, but this scent will tell all the males around you that another side exists, and it is definitely not as innocent.

Scent to try: Lola by Marc Jacobs

Stay clean. Guys will go for a nice, fresh smell any day of the week. Of course, be sure to keep it more post-rain dewy fresh rather than powdery-grandma fresh. This scent is great for its wearability; this smells just as nice in the classroom as it does in the restaurant on your date night.

Scent to try: Pleasures by Estee Lauder

Avoid excessive girly-ness. Stay far away from scents that make you smell like you’ve been rolling in a flower patch for hours, or like you’ve just stepped out of Dylan’s Candy Bar after bathing in their vast assortment of Jolly Ranchers. Not only will you remind him of his middle-school fling, but you will come across as high-maintienence and, worst of all, ditsy.

Scent to avoid: Fantasy by Britney Spears

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