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7 Signs your Dieting and Exercise Habits are Getting out of Hand

     The toughest part about starting a new diet and exercise routine is the simple act of commiting to a program and starting.. For some of us, it’s all about cutting down on the high caloric and unhealthy foods. For others, it is moving our bodies and engaging in daily exercise. Once you start on the journey to a healthy lifestyle you will start reaching goals and it will motivate you to continue. This will empower you to have control of your own body. Yes, it is true that in order to get results your workout should be push you out of your comfort zone. It should be creating obstacles for you that can transform your body, as Jillian Michaels says “If you don’t get uncomfortable, you wont see results.” However, somewhere in the midst of motivation we become obsessed with pushing our bodies to the limit. Is it possible to work out too much?

     Its not easy to get rid of bad eating habits, but when you begin to change your diet and eat healthier you can not only see the difference, but you can feel it! You begin to cut down your portions, and rid your plate of carbs and sweets all together. Carbohydrates are meant to be a quick source of fuel for our bodies and brains. This means that if you’re working out or exercising intensely you will need a higher amount of carbs to provide your muscles and body with the energy it needs to sustain an entire exercise session. Weight loss and health are results of the dynamic duo- exercise and healthy eating.

     Sometimes watching those pounds melt off can prevent you from paying attention to your body. It is hard to notice when you’ve gone too far. Here are seven ways your body will let you know if you’re headed for exercise burnout:

  1. Fat gain: You may be losing weight, but are you noticing a quick increase of body fat? If so, you could be in the later stages of exercise overload. Your body responds to high stress by elevating levels of stress hormones. Over time this can lead to increased storage of adipose tissue. A decrease in muscle mass can cause you to shed a few pounds, but this isn’t a good thing since it means your body is less efficient at burning fat.
  2. Mood changes: Depression, anger, confusion, anxiety and irritability are all signs that your body is physically overstressed. The stress hormones you release when you’re emotionally stressed are also released when you’re physically overloaded!
  3. You haven’t been sleeping well: The best way to rebuild muscle fibers is a healthy sleeping pattern. Several nights in a row of bad sleep, or not enough sleep will decrease reaction time along with immune functions.
  4. Your urine is dark yellow: This can be an indicator of dehydration. The darker the color, the more you’re struggling to retain fluids. You need H2O to operate! Drink water before, during and after your workout.
  5. Your resting heart rate is up: In order to find out what normal is for you, take your pulse each morning before you get out of bed. An elevated resting heart rate is caused by your nervous system preparing for “flight” which is an instinctive reaction to stress. Your body won’t know the difference between physical and psychological stress. A hard run and a hard day at work both require extra recovery.
  6. Weakened immune system: Don’t try to push through that exercise funk, or the consequences can lead to a weakened immune system, inflammation, and serious injury. Prolonged overtraining can take weeks, or even months to recover from.
  7. Loss in appetite: A decrease in appetite can occur in the middle to later stages of overtraining, and goes hand in hand with feelings of fatigue and lack of motivation. By slowing down bodily processes like metabolism, the body attempts to force a reduction in its workload.

     Admitting you’re overworking your body can be a tough thing to do. It is important to slow down and analyze the signs your body is giving you. Be realistic about your current fitness level. If you feel like you’re going too quickly, take some time to get to know your body. Choose goals, classes and activities that are appropriate for your fitness leve.. If you can’t remember the last time you put on those running shoes, start slowly to build both your strength and stamina.. Do not overwork your body. Control your exercise routine the same way you control your weight loss goals. Above all, strive to be a healthy and happy Blissful Belle.


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  1. I must say that I do love the manner in which you have presented this specific matter. Keep the posts flowing 🙂

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