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Best Albums for Fall 2011

There are some days where the leaves crunching beneath our favorite boots and the soft whistle of the cool breeze can be the perfect soundtrack to the fall season. But when our responsibilities add up, we look to our headphones for a quick escape between classes or on our way to that not-so-thrilling day of work. If our iPod is still playing the sounds of summer, the day only seems to drag on while we daydream about the sand beneath our toes. Before you get down about the shorter days, fill up your recently added playlist with this fall’s newest tunes. Here’s the Blissful Belle guide to some of the season’s best albums loaded with tunes to rock out to as the summer is raked away.


Hot in Hip Hop:

J. Cole’s debut album, ‘Cole World: The Sideline Story,’ is flooding the airwaves this season. As Jay-Z’s protégé, we wouldn’t expect anything less than some quality tracks. The album is a “classic,” said Jay-Z himself. If you can’t trust Jay’s taste, whose can you?

There’s no doubt that Drake has taken the world by storm. Brace yourselves for the release of his latest album, titled ‘Take Care,’ set to drop October 24th.

The ever-inspiring Common is back with a new album, ‘The Dreamer, The Believer,’ as well, which will give you that extra boost on those days when you need a little encouragement.


News in Rhythm and Blues:

There’s a new, yet familiar face in the world of R&B this season. Anthony ‘Romeo’ Santos, the lead singer of the popular bachata group Aventura, is debuting his first solo album, ‘Formula.’ And no, you don’t have to be fluent in Spanish to enjoy his songs. Many of the songs are in English and he’s even got a song with Usher called ‘Promise’ that we promise you’ll love.

Mary J. Blige needs no introduction as we’ve been admiring her soulful ballads for years. She’s back in the spotlight this fall with her latest album, ‘My Life 2: The Journey Continues,’ available in mid-November.


Back on Top in Pop:

Kelly Clarkson, we missed you! No worries, she’s back this season with her new feel-good album, ‘Stronger.’ This one’s full of catchy songs that we’ll be humming as we watch the leaves change.

Evanescence is back, too, after a four-year hiatus. The new album is called ‘All Over the Place,’ and how is it? According to MTV, lead singer Amy Lee said, “It doesn’t sound like any other Evanescence track you’ve heard before.”

There’s one more exciting comeback this season… Blink 182! Check out their new album, ‘Neighborhoods.’


Rollin’ with Rock and Alternative:  

Wilco’s ‘The Whole Love’ is a perfect album for the fall season if you love a more classic rock and roll sound.

Florence and the Machines will be releasing their newest album November 15th. With big beats and a heavier sound, ‘Ceremonies’ is sure to be another great album by this dynamic group.

SuperHeavy is a group you’ve probably never heard of but whose members you love: Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Dave Steward, Damien Marley and A.R. Rahman. The debut album ‘SuperHeavy’ is turning heads. Any Blissful Belle can find a song she loves on this album that has so much warmth it’ll keep you toasty on those cool autumn nights.


One comment on “Best Albums for Fall 2011

  1. joanne luciano
    October 5, 2011

    thank you for the guide. i will be sure to check out the music!

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