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To Write Love On Her Arms

To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA) is a faith-based non-profit organization that gives hope and resources to people who are struggling with addiction, suicide, eating disorders and self-injury. TWLOHA is here to encourage, inspire, give love and to be with each person through every step of their recovery.

Their vision is to bring communities together bounded by love and hope. In addition, they seek to reduce the suicide rate worldwide, to teach how to love and accept love, to stay positive with healthy thoughts, and to know that we are all loved and not alone. “The vision is hope and hope is real,” the organization’s website states.

TWLOHA began in spring 2006 as an attempt to tell a story to help a friend who was struggling with addiction and self-injury. The story’s title became the name of the organization, and also a goal: believing in a better life. You can read the story at

To Write Love on Her Arms has launched a campaign that personally helps people going through their own struggles. The most recent campaign is called “The Storytellers: High School Campaign,” which focuses on promoting love, hope, acceptance and holding discussions on the tough issues such as depression, self-injury and others. Through this campaign, TWLOHA hopes to move the hearts of students and faculty on campus, and to help them to believe that love and hope is present in this world despite all the evil.

Fears vs. Dreams is a blog run by TWLOHA and it invites bloggers and readers to answer these two questions: “What’s your biggest fear?” and “What’s your greatest dream?” Interested in participating? Just type #fearsvsdreams to your Twitter and share what your biggest fear and your greatest dream are! It’s that simple.

TWLOHA has UChapters for college campuses across the country. Each chapter of the university consistently promotes the vision of TWLOHA in addition to providing hope and love to those who are struggling on campus. Each chapter holds their own events and meetings which ultimately help in getting TWLOHA’s cause known. For more information, go to:

Do you want to support their vision? There are so many ways to help and support To Write Love on Her Arms. Donations and fundraisers are definitely welcome! You can also buy a shirt or bracelet from TWLOHA’s online store, and best of all, you can join the street team to promote TWLOHA!

Follow To Write Love on Her Arms on Twitter: @TWLOHA

Check out their website too!


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