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How To: Clear A Breakout Fast

Okay Belles, school is back in session, papers are piling up and you’re in stress mode. Stress however can trigger acne and breakouts, which can be huge confidence killers. But with these handy tips your skin will get the vacation it deserves and you can toss the cover up and embrace your healthy skin!

Exfoliate: Dry skin can cause breakouts just as much as oily skin. Dead skin cells from dry skin clog pores, which is why it is important to exfoliate so that all that debris is gently removed from the skin’s surface. And when I say exfoliate I don’t mean sand your skin down, this will do more harm than good, like everything else in this world moderation is key. If your skin is extra sensitive try exfoliating no more than once a week, or maybe once every two weeks to avoid irritation.

Cleanse: It is important to wash and cleanse your face maximum of twice daily, especially if you wear makeup. Your makeup might be oil free but sleeping in it is still detrimental to your mug, your skin needs to breathe at some point within a span of 24 hours, so why not at night. Lets face it your boyfriend knows your not Tyra Banks so grab your makeup remover and hit the hay.

Moisturize: This is a step I cannot stress enough! Whether your skin is dry or oily you need to moisturize to protect the outer layer of your delicate skin. If you are oily find a moisturizer that is oil free so that it won’t clog pores. And if you are drier you can basically use anything; I still suggest oil free however, better safe than zit-faced.

Sleep: Get enough sleep. If you don’t sleep your body will not be able to recharge itself and you can even compromise your immune system making you more prone to colds, diseases and breakouts! So get your beauty sleep girls, trust me!

Water: Put down that caramel coffee macchiato and grab a bottle of water! Soda, coffee, alcohol are all things that are essentially bad for the body. Water should always be your drink of choice because it filters out the toxins in the body. Our bodies are about 75% or more water, therefore it only makes sense to replenish ourselves with this same ingredient. Drinking the necessary amount of water your body needs each day will allow your body to rid itself of the toxins from food, pollution, etc.;therefore fighting off breakouts before they start. So bottoms up girls!

Don’t Pick: Don’t touch your face OR ELSE! Picking is definitely a naughty habit, but I don’t care what you have to do just avoid this at all costs. If you need to put gloves on your hands or cut off your fingernails to avoid this then do it! Picking will only make for more healing time. The pimple will turn into a scab or a cut and it will take up to a week or two until this nasty scab is no longer visible. And even after these two weeks you could still be left with a scar or indentation in the skin. All in all that pimple will torture you for way longer than you will torture it!

Remember belles if your good to your skin and bodies, your face will comply! So, have a zit-free year Belles!


About Alexandra Palmer

Alexandra is a native New Yorker who's always had a keen interest in news. She was drawn to the industries fast paced and deadline driven environments. She recently graduated with a Masters of Arts in multimedia journalism from New York University, where she specialized in video production, reporting, and editing. Some of her most prominent accomplishments include an investigative piece on campus sexual assault her and fellow NYU student Rajeev Dhir published in Al Jazeera America in February. Alexandra has also interned at several prestigious news outlets, including MSNBC's Ronan Farrow Daily Show, and Us Weekly. Alexandra's interests outside of journalism include, acting for film and television. Alexandra recently wrote and starred in her first one act play this August. The piece was selected as a semi-finalist in the New York New Works Theatre Festival. Writing is Alexandra's first love. Alexandra is also graduate of Marymount Manhattan College with a Bachelor of Arts in English and World Literature, and a minor in Hispanic Studies.

One comment on “How To: Clear A Breakout Fast

  1. LoveNiki
    October 6, 2011

    If only we could all be blemish free forever…..Lol.

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