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Blissful Breakfast Options to Begin Your Day

Pancakes, waffles, cereal–when was the last time you belles had a real breakfast? Sometimes it seems easier to grab a granola bar on the way out the door rather than taking the time to make and eat something a little more nutritional. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so Blissful Belle figured out some ways to help you out!

Even if you leave yourself enough time in the morning, somehow for a lot of us, breakfast gets left out. It may seem like a minor thing, but it’s a habit you should work really hard at breaking. Breakfast is the meal that starts your day and your metabolism. According to, eating a healthy breakfast can help with weight loss and help you eat less cholesterol and fat. To put it simply, it improves your health drastically. 

Here are some basic food groups to incorporate into your daily breakfast:

  • Whole Grains: whether you eat them in your bowl of cereal, or get them from a bagel, they help provide complex carbs which are important for a feeling of fullness to start your day.
  • Proteins: Protein is a very important aspect of your first meal of the day, but make sure they foods you choose are low-fat.  Things like peanut butter which you can put on toast or eat with bananas would satisfy this aspect and also taste really good.
  • Fruits and veggies: They are another key food group to include in your breakfast. Whether you prefer to eat raw fruits or vegetables, or include a glass of orange or apple juice with your meal, make sure to try and include a few into your everyday meals.
  • Low-fat dairy: Get your dairy by adding milk to your breakfast cereal or smoothie.  If milk isn’t for you, items like yogurt, which come in all sorts of flavors for your preference, are also a good way to go.

Now obviously you’re not going to be able to incorporate all of these into your breakfast each and every day, but mixing and matching as many variables as possible is the way to go. Choices like a bowl of cereal, with skim milk, and fruit will allow you to satisfy three of the four suggested groups. Other options include whole wheat waffles or whole wheat pancakes with fruit.

There are ways you can enjoy these options on-the-go if you don’t have the time to physically sit and eat a bowl of cereal. A savvy option is dry cereal in a Ziploc bag with a cup of yogurt. Slice fruit up the night before and put it in a container. The next morning put some peanut butter and banana slices on toast for a quick and balanced breakfast.

Find some healthy combinations you enjoy and start your day with wholesome foods. A better-rounded breakfast improves your health and mood. Enjoy your blissful breakfast, Belles!


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