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Get Your Fitness On for Less

Working out can be very rewarding, but with all the different types of workouts and gyms to choose from, how do we decide what’s the best? Yoga, Pilates, Running, Weight Lifting and the list goes on and on. So once you decide what you want to do, now to pay for it all.

Gyms can be really expensive. There are days when we get really busy and just don’t have time to go to the gym and then  we feel guilty because we have wasted money. Time is very limited when you have work and class to worry about, let alone working out. So what’s a girl to do?

If you are a college student, the importance of working out can be seen everywhere. Usually college campuses have flyers everywhere informing you to stay healthy, eat right and work out. Colleges more than likely provide a gym that students can go to for free to workout. Many schools now provide a student track or running trail around the campus for health conscious students to workout out at and still remain in a safe environment. You should definitely consider taking advantage of these options if they are offered by your school.

Along with running trails and free gyms, schools often provide workout classes from Kick Boxing to Zumba. Most of the time these classes are not free, but they are worth checking into. Colleges that provide these classes tend to charge one fee a semester so that you are able to attend many different classes. The more diversity you have in your workout routine the less bored you will get with it and the more excited you will be to workout.

Now not everyone falls into the “college student” category, so what are the rest of us to do? Obviously running is an option, as long as it is done somewhere safe, like your neighborhood or a local park. However, there are plenty of at home workout choices. There are simple workouts like push-ups, sit-ups and lunges that can be done anywhere. Isometric workouts are great too; these are workouts where you use your body weight to stress the muscles. A plank would be an Isometric workout. If you want more, Target sells many different types of workout equipment. Target offers workout videos and workout kits to get you started. They carry a Yoga and Pilate’s kit that includes your mat, a workout band, and a video for only $30. When these items are purchased separately the bill can add up, so this is a steal. If you want to change up your routine you can find even cheaper workout videos on The best part about using workout videos is that you have the option of going at your own pace and you get a  workout in on your own time. Also don’t forget YouTube has workout videos uploaded that you can follow for free!

Working out is an important aspect in leading a healthy lifestyle. Remember to make your workout fun. With all of these inexpensive ideas you should have no problem mixing up your workout routine and becoming a buff belle in no time!


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