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How-To: Save Money With Home Treatments

Every Blissful Belle deserves to pamper herself every once in awhile. This is a problem when not too many college pockets can afford the luxury of monthly facials. Spoil yourself with these home treatments, sure to leave you with that glowing spa sensation.

Egg Hunt. It is as simple as grabbing an egg and massaging it into your hair, leaving the egg in for twenty minutes. Although it may feel weird, this moisturizer is sure to work. For oily hair be sure to only use the egg white, as the yolk will add extra moisture. Make sure to rinse it out with cool water because hot water will cook the egg and you will be showering in a scrambled egg bath. Yuck!

Beer Showers. Who said beer was only good for one thing? Although it may not seem like it, pouring beer on your hair will add shine and softness. Just do it in the shower to avoid a mess and don’t forget to shampoo and condition like you normally would to avoid smelling like a bar.

Christmas in October Nutmeg, cinnamon, and honey combine together for a tasty, inexpensive facemask. The nutmeg reduces redness and cinnamon acts as an exfoliant, while the honey moisturizes the skin. Mix together one teaspoon of each ingredient. Half an hour later those acne flare-ups are sure to be calmed down.

Olive Oil Dip. Skip the nail salon and moisturize your hands at home. Blend olive oil with salt and rub in the mixture. Wash it off with warm water and your hands will feel softer instantly.

Try some home treatments and your wallet will be sure to thank you. And feeling great after is a guaranteed bonus. Why not indulge a little?


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2 comments on “How-To: Save Money With Home Treatments

  1. bonkasaurus
    October 7, 2011

    I am really going to try the egg one! do you have any remedies for a dry scalp?

    -Bianca at

  2. Carolina Herrera
    October 7, 2011

    I did the egg treatment last week! And heat up some olive oil and massage it into your hair for a dry scalp. Let it soak in for a little and then rinse it out.

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