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Not Just New York: ‘Occupy’ Protests Spread

New York’s Occupy Wall Street protest began September 17th with individuals, young and old, “vow[ing] to end the monied corruption of our democracy” (  They’re fed up with injustices, the greed and power of Wall Street, in addition to the government’s failure to provide the hope and change that we were once promised.

The protestors are carrying out a peaceful demonstration, simply gathering attention by their large presence and passionate statements. Unfortunately, there have been many arrests and altercations with police, including the use of pepper spray on Wall Street protestors.

On October 1st, 700 New York protesters were arrested after advancing onto the Brooklyn Bridge crossing. Many participants have stated that police stood by as they entered the roadway, but they were later met by a barrier halfway across where police were waiting for them to contain and arrest participants. Sounds a lot like a trap, no?

MTA busses were forced to take the arrested protestors to precincts. As one of the first unions to state their support for the Occupy Wall Street protest, the Transit Workers Union is now going to court to stop this forceful act and is refusing to transport the arrested individuals. Many unions are now donating food and supplies for protestors.

The protestors have even come out with their own newspaper, The Occupied Wall Street Journal, thanks to the help of freelance writers from New York.

The momentum of this movement shows no signs of lag with a manifesto declaring their demands as well as a Declaration of Occupation. The Big Apple isn’t the only city that’s ready for change; Boston, Chicago, Baltimore, Seattle, Austin and Los Angeles are a handful of cities that have started mobilizing, too.

This is now part of our generation’s history. A movement supported by large numbers that has the potential to change our future. With the stresses of college loans and a high chance of unemployment creeping up on us, this concerns us more than ever.

Check out videos and photos from the protests happening nationwide at:


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