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How To: Dress up a Little Black Dress

Well girls we all have a little black dress or two hanging up in our closet for those special occasions or nights out. But those little black dresses can be a little boring, plus they don’t make you stand out in the slightest! If all your Facebook pictures are of you wearing a black dress, then it’s time to add some accessories and color! Don’t worry we can dress up that dress in no time!

  • Remember pops of color! Your bag, shoes, jewelry, watch, and headband can be bold and colorful just make sure no to over do it otherwise you may look like you are going to an 80’s party. Just a piece or two and you will give that little black dress some style in no time!
  • Your makeup can really help that dress out too. Either make the dress classier and do a more neutral tone makeup or go bold with a smoky eye and you will be a hot Belle in minutes! 

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