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Tips And Tricks For Applying Foundation

We all know that putting on makeup properly is definitely a skill that lucky women seem to excel at. While many others, like myself, who seem to struggle with the basics, can barely master some of those amazing, but essential techniques. But, despite one’s ability, or lack thereof, if your skin looks like your foundation was caked on, or the lines of where you did and did not cover are visible… then really, what’s the point? Foundation is one of the keys to overall makeup success—and now, my dear Belles; you soon will be applying that key with splendid ease.

Tools of the trade:

*A dense flat-top brush

*Liquid foundation matching your skin tone


*Loose powder

Readying your face:

Make sure you clean your face properly, patting it dry and then applying a thin layer of moisturizer to your entire face.

Tip: Sunscreen is a great moisturizer that also helps protect your skin from those horrible UV rays.

    Getting rid of blemishes:

Apply concealer to your under-eye circles and any blemishes on your face

Tip: Here’s a quick guide to knowing what colour concealer you need:

 Yellow concealer: Used to conceal bluish bruises, under-eye circles and mild red tones on your face.

Lavender concealer: Used to normalize yellow-coloured skin imperfections like sallow complexions and yellow bruises. Also, helps cover very dark under-eye circles and dark spots on bronze skin tones.

Green concealer: Used to neutralise red tones on the skin. Use this for blemishes, zits, red blotches, rosacea etc.

    Applying the foundation:

Face: Pour or pump an amount about the size of a quarter onto the back of your hand, or onto a small palette (like a small styrofoam plate). Dip your brush into your foundation and dot your nose, cheeks and around the boarders of your face and chin. (One dip should pick
up enough to lightly dot for all of these areas, so don’t be stingy!).
If you have left overs on your brush, apply to the area above your lips and below your mouth.

Eyes: Take a small portion of foundation onto the outer edge of your brush and dot lightly under your eyes. Focus on where the skin is the darkest.

Forehead: Take some foundation onto your brush, and lightly dot across your forehead. Make sure you carry it out into your hairline (nothing is more unattractive than the obvious change in colour, which many women tend to forget).

Jaw line: Take the remainder of your foundation onto your brush and dot under your jaw line. Pull down very lightly to fade into your neck. Also, pay some quick attention to the area where your ears connect to your face, as well to avoid colour distortion.

Making it pretty:

Now that you have little bits of foundation smattered across your face, take your brush (the same one you’ve been using) and in a circular motion, lightly buff the product into your face. Doing it this way blurs your little imperfections and removes any excess product. Make sure you buff under your eyes, over your eyelids and around your hairline to have a nice even tone from top to bottom. Keep buffing until your foundation starts to feel a bit tacky (about 2-3 passes over your entire face and under your jaw).

Letting it set:

Let your foundation set for about 3-5 minutes.

Brush your teeth or apply your deodorant during this time.

Take a tissue-blot all over your face lightly, and avoid your nose if you have large pores.

Powder puff girl:

Apply loose powder by puff-rolling and pushing it into your skin. When you’re done with your powder, apply the rest of your makeup and you’ll be ready to start your day. This process will take about 5-7 minutes. But soon, you’ll become much more comfortable with applying foundation. As always, stay beautiful inside and out, Belles!


About Rachel Kadavy

A young and upcoming journalist with a passion for fashion. I write short stories, sing, act and read for hobbies. You can usually find me sitting in the back corners of local Starbucks sipping my center-of-the-sun hot Americano (with soy and a short of hazelnut!) typing away on my beloved laptop with the latest copy of Vogue or Cosmopolitan. I also enjoy waking up early to watch the sunrise and to go for early morning strolls if I can pull myself away from my comfy window seat.

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