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Devoted by Singer/Actress Hilary Duff

Actress and singer Hilary Duff is now officially an author! With her best-selling debut book, Elixir, released last October, the sequel, Devoted, was released on October 11th.

Devoted is the continuation of the story of main character Clea Raymond, who is going on a journey to find Sage, who was kidnapped. She has no clue as to whether he is alive or dead and through a great deal of suffering, she faces his enemies to be united with Sage again.

The first book is intense as is the journey she takes in finding out her soulmate through photos she took in Paris. The dreams that Clea has make it all the more interesting. Duff geared it towards teenagers, but young adults will definitely enjoy it! The character herself is so interesting and her keen sense of curiosity leads to more discoveries, and that’s what makes it so good.

I went to her book signing on Monday, October 10th at Tribeca, New York in downtown Manhattan. There was a huge line but despite all that, she was there with the most stunning outfit with red platform heels. She had brief conversations with each approaching fan, and she had the most genuine smile. My aunt and I waited approximately two and a half hours but it was worth the wait!

Take a read of her first book, Elixir, because it’ll give you more understanding of her second book, Devoted. Keep up with updates by following her on Twitter: @HilaryDuff or by checking out her website at

Devoted & Elixir can be bought online or in any Barnes and Nobles bookstore! As Hilary Duff would say, “I hope you enjoy my book!”


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