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Spread Bliss: Top 10 Daily To-do’s To Make The World A Blissful Place

Kindness is the universal language of the world. Even a small gesture like holding the door for someone who is struggling with a bunch of shopping bags can turn someone’s day around. Or maybe it was something bigger like leaving a generous tip for your waiter, or loaning something to a friend in need. Regardless of how big or small of a gesture you made, it gives you the same blissful feelings. This bliss is a sense of happiness that is hard to recreate in many other circumstances.

No amount of new clothes, cute shoes, or fancy electronics can give that certain feeling of happiness that giving back creates. Try to use one of these ten tips to make your life as well as the lives of others, a little more blissful!

1. Smile!

This is easily the simplest way to make someone feel good. You never know when a stranger is having a bad day, week, or month, and how much a simple flash of your pearly whites can have such a positive effect on their mood. Plus, just smiling has been scientifically proven to make your mood better as well. Grin and bare it, Belle!

2. Compliment Someone

Paying someone a genuine compliment is a great way to show people that you care about him or her. Telling someone that they are good at something or that you like their new haircut may seem trivial to you, but it makes the other people feel special.

3. Leave a Generous Tip

Have you ever been to a restaurant and skimped on the tip? We’ve all been there—we leave a tip that’s a few dollars short and think that out serverwon’t notice. Next time you are out, try to leave a generous tip! Can you imagine how you could make someone’s day by leaving a 100 percent tip on the bill? Try it!

4. Get Crafty

Whether you’re super crafty or have a skill in the kitchen, making something for someone else is more gratifying when it is homemade. Make a friend a card for their birthday instead of buying it or bake a batch of delicious cookies for a special someone for no reason at all! These cookies could probably brighten anyone’s day!

5. Post an Operation Beautiful note

In today’s world, girls often put themselves down, berating themselves because they don’t think they are skinny/pretty/good/tall/short/perfect enough. Our society enforces this outlook. Post an inspirational note about positive body confidence in a public place, and know you are making a difference. Some people on the website have said that they have seen a note and it changed their life or stopped them from doing something harmful to themselves. Now that is making a difference.

6. Hold the Door For Someone

Simple enough, right? You’d be surprised by how many people don’t do this simple task, especially if you live in a bustling city or a busy campus. Take the two seconds of effort and give the person behind you this simple courteous gesture. Then smile at them for good measure!

7. Pick Up Trash

No, I don’t mean donning an orange jumpsuit and walking along the side of the highway, scrounging trash. I mean that if you see some trash along the street, don’t just leave it there. Don’t assume someone else will do the deed. Bend down and pick it up and toss it in the nearest can. We can make the world a greener place, if we all put in the effort.


8. Start a (insert-bad-habit-here) Jar…Then Donate the Money!

Do you have a horrible habit that you want to kick to the curb? Maybe you bite your nails. Or maybe you curse a little more than you want to. Find an empty jar and label it. Then, every time you partake in your bad habit, add a quarter or 50 cents to the jar (or if you’re really ambitious, a dollar). Then, when the jar gets pretty full, donate that money!

9. Buy Someone Else Some Time

Have you ever seen an expired parking meter where a car is parked just waiting to get ticketed? Drop in a few quarters in next time and save someone from a big fine. Your 50 cents can save them at least $50.

10. Send a text/email/tweet/facebook comment to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while

This may seem kind of random, but sometimes it’s nice to reconnect with old friends. Who knows, maybe they needed someone to talk to that day and your thoughtfulness helped them out.

It may sound a little cheesy, but you know that lesson we all learned in grammar school? Practice random acts of kindness? Kindness is the central focus of the points listed above. Making someone else’s day with a caring gesture can in turn make your day better. Eventually all of these good deeds add up and other people may catch on, and spread their joy too. Give back to the world and you will reap the rewards!


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