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Not Your Average Water: Blissful Belle’s Guide to Vitamin Water

You see the commercials and maybe drink one every once in a while, or maybe you’ve just heard of them. What is the real deal with vitamin waters? Whether you drink them because they’re refreshing or because you like the taste; I bet you’ve wondered if they are really doing anything for you. Here’s your answer.

It’s understandable why you would want to drink vitamin water. Maybe you’re trying to do your best to get your daily intake of vitamins and it seems like a simple solution. It’s convenient and offers something refreshing that’s supposedly healthy and tastes good. One of the reasons you are drinking vitamin water is because of that key word – vitamin– but you may want to look into other options that provide vitamins.

Vitamin water is not a magical, cure-all drink. An article from the stated that, “the drink is full of sugars, even exceeding the amounts that you’d consume in their regular Coca Cola products.” Are you getting that? Vitamin water contains more sugar that a 12oz. bottle of Coca Cola.

Another idea to consider is the concept of getting your daily vitamin intake. had an article addressing this situation, and found that you may only getting 10, maybe 20 percent of what’s considered good for you on a daily basis. You are technically getting more vitamins from vitamin water than regular water, but is more better? It turns out that the extra vitamins you consume from the water get excreted. Your body can only take in so much. The calorie content of vitamin water is is equivalent to a can of pop. Vitamin water contains 100-125 calories, which is pretty close to what you’d be getting with a can of soda.

Creators of vitamin water emphasize that they know it isn’t the healthiest option, but it is a better alternative to what people would otherwise be sipping on. However, if you are drinking the waters for their nutritional value, there may be better ways to get your vitamins without excess sugar and calories. It’s not a zero calorie drink like water so be mindful of your beverage choice when it comes to vitamin water beverages.


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