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How To: Prepare For A Photo Shoot

Whether you’re model material or you’re just downright unphotogenic every girl could stand to benefit from a few tips on how to prepare for a photo shoot! Engagement photos, wedding pictures, graduation portraits, whatever the case we all want to look our best and I promise with these tips I’ll take you from mug shot to headshot faster than you can say “Cheese!”

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: So what if you’re mom thinks you’re nuts, sit yourself in front of that mirror and VOGUE! Study your own face and see which angles are the most flattering. Learn which side of your face you might think the camera would favor, once you do, congratulations you’ve officially found you’re good side belles! So if you have to sit in the bathroom sink and blast Madonna’s greatest hits then do it! That way when you finally do get your own paparazzi moment you’ll know how to pose to achieve the most flattering pictures possible.


Practice Makes Perfect: Force your little sister or best friend to be your photographer. That way you can actually see how well you’ll react in front of the lens and if those poses you rocked in the bathroom will rock on film. Also, remember this is a strict practice shoot, so loosen up, throw on Lady Gaga and have fun with the Click, Click Flash, Flash! Chances are you’ll become a photogenic diva right before your baby sister’s very eyes!

Let Your Hair Down: Photo shoots are supposed to be fun. So loosen up and just remember the miracles of Photoshop are all on your side. I find listening to music does the trick and forces me to relax. When the stereo is pumping your favorite tune there’s no way the photographer won’t be able to snap at least one great shot. Once you allow yourself to feel comfortable you’ll be able to have some fun and achieve some fantastic shots! No one wants to shoot a model when she looks absolutely bored to death so stay positive and maintain a good energy. Trust me if you feel like you’re doing a good job then you probably are, so remain optimistic and let that hair down!

Put a Smile On: The best pictures are taken when there is genuine emotion in the model’s expression. The easiest way to achieve this type of sincerity is to fake it till you make it! If you try to force a smile it will simply look like forced, so think about a funny joke you heard or picture you ex-boyfriend being attacked by bees, practically anything that puts a smile on your face will do the trick!

Confidence is Key: Being confident and committing to the poses you’re attempting to execute will allow you to gain a whole new attitude on camera. So think of when you feel you’re most confident and transport yourself to that moment. And then reenact it in front of the camera to achieve more authentic results. Plus being confident or pretending to be confident will instantly make you feel sexier and if you feel sexier you will look sexier; since sexy is a not only physical but mental too.

Who’s Your Muse?: When in doubt mimic your favorite celeb. Perhaps your favorite celebrity is Lady Gaga; try to imitate her kick ass attitude. By thinking about someone you admire and trying to emulate them you’ll be able to get a better sense of what it is you actually want to achieve in your photographs. So if you have to ask yourself what would Gaga do in this situation, chances are the answer would be to keep them wanting more!

Now that you’re picture perfect belles, I hope you can all achieve the photographs you’ll want to share with your grandkids, not because they’re sentimental but because you look so kick ass!



About Alexandra Palmer

Alexandra is a native New Yorker who's always had a keen interest in news. She was drawn to the industries fast paced and deadline driven environments. She recently graduated with a Masters of Arts in multimedia journalism from New York University, where she specialized in video production, reporting, and editing. Some of her most prominent accomplishments include an investigative piece on campus sexual assault her and fellow NYU student Rajeev Dhir published in Al Jazeera America in February. Alexandra has also interned at several prestigious news outlets, including MSNBC's Ronan Farrow Daily Show, and Us Weekly. Alexandra's interests outside of journalism include, acting for film and television. Alexandra recently wrote and starred in her first one act play this August. The piece was selected as a semi-finalist in the New York New Works Theatre Festival. Writing is Alexandra's first love. Alexandra is also graduate of Marymount Manhattan College with a Bachelor of Arts in English and World Literature, and a minor in Hispanic Studies.

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