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Manicure Madness: Secrets To Beautiful Healthy Nails

    Fingernails are probably one of the best places on a woman’s body that allows her to express herself without having the permanent commitment—like a tattoo. Pictures, words, colours, designs, lengths and more are at our fingertips… literally. Going into a salon gives you the freedom to sit back and have someone else do it for you. Or, you could do it all yourself and still (hopefully!) get amazing results. But whether your nails are long or short, the health of your nails is extremely important, and by not taking care of them, it can lead to very dangerous medical conditions. Here’s some important information about taking care of the pretty little things that we take for

Daily Vitamins

Vitamin supplements can make a huge difference in the overall health of your nails. Although, if you have a fingernail disease (such as a fungus), supplements cannot and will not help—please contact your doctor, as these diseases can cause major debilitating health risks.

Nails dry and brittle? Take some vitamin D—this helps with nail growth and helps prevent the brittle nail from continuing in the new growth. Also, try vitamin E as it helps to strengthen your nails.

Fish oil is probably one of the best supplements you can take. If you have splitting nails, ridges or rough spots, then fish oil is something you should look into. As another incentive, your hair will grow stronger and you’ll have that beautiful, lustful shine!

But the best part about taking vitamins is that they’re great for multiple things like: skin, hair and muscles. However, as everything else you consume, don’t go overboard in your vitamin consumption, maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. Don’t swamp your diet with extra vitamins and minerals because you could ultimately end up doing more harm than good.


   The overall health of your nails can be upended if you mistreat your cuticles. Although many women cut theirs: don’t. The
cuticle shields the root of the nail and protects it from bacteria. Instead of cutting it, gently push it back with a rubber-tipped cuticle stick. Also, apply a cuticle cream. Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream seems to be the universally acclaimed favourite;
from In Style Magazine, to small blogs, everyone seems to swear by this. It’s great for softening your cuticles and hands. And the selling point? It’s super affordable—around $3.25-$4.99 at your local Target or Walmart. So you’re getting soft hands at a great, reasonable price. What could be better than that?


Deciding how to shape your nails can be a hard decision. Oval or square? How about both? While square nails are popular for those who get acrylics, they’re not really appealing on natural nails. And as Deborah Lippman from InStyle Magazine says: “Square nails make your fingers look chubby.” And oval shaped, although very feminine looking, actually weaken your nails!

So really, what’s a girl to do? Your best option is the “squoval.” It gives you the strength of the unflattering square and the feminine look of the oval. To achieve this look, file your nails to a square edge. After reaching your preferred nail length, focus on the edges of your nail. Then, round it out slightly to give a much softer look than the blunt square. But, don’t soften it up so much that you end up with an oval!

    Nail Tip: To properly file your nail, keep going in the same direction! Don’t go back and forth, as that only ends up weakening your nails. Start on one end, upon reaching the other end pick up your file and go back and repeat.


    After picking out the shade of polish, you don’t want to shake the bottle up! Instead, roll the bottle around between your palms. This mixes the paint together without forming air bubbles, which can cause annoying problems in your paint coats.

Nail Trick: While painting, hold the brush between your thumb and middle finger while resting your forefinger on the cap.

1. Apply your basecoat.

2. Apply the polish (thin layers offer better looking coverage that won’t clump or become tacky on the nail).

Tip: Apply a thin later down the centre of the nail, then the left followed by the right. Better coverage that way.

3. Repeat the process once the nails are dry for the second coat.

4. Apply your topcoat to protect your beautifully coloured nails.

It’s sometimes the small little things and details that finish an outfit. Having beautifully manicured hands can give you that final touch that really pulls everything together. Stay beautiful and healthy, Belles!


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A young and upcoming journalist with a passion for fashion. I write short stories, sing, act and read for hobbies. You can usually find me sitting in the back corners of local Starbucks sipping my center-of-the-sun hot Americano (with soy and a short of hazelnut!) typing away on my beloved laptop with the latest copy of Vogue or Cosmopolitan. I also enjoy waking up early to watch the sunrise and to go for early morning strolls if I can pull myself away from my comfy window seat.

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