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Feed Your Health With Tropical Salsa Boats

Great body, check. Next trip to the farmer’s market, load up your recycled tote with some colorful produce and whip up this Skin Soothing recipe. These Tropical Salsa Boats are great for a crowd, simple to make and impressive! This colorful dish will set up an army to protect and support the health of your skin.

Nature knows best. Eating a variety of colors will ensure a variety of nutrients! Really go wild with this recipe y’all. You can use exactly what is on the list, use what you have on hand, or add your own favorite fruits and veggies to the mix! Ready…set…glow!

Tropical Salsa Boats: Serves 4-6   *Vegan, Gluten Free*

You’ll need:

3 heads of Romain lettuce.

1 Lime

2 T Nama Shoyu (or Soy Sauce. For GF choose a wheat free variety.)

1 T olive oil (or Mac Nut Oil)

1 T honey

3/4 tsp sea salt

½ tsp Dijon mustard.

¼ cup of the following, diced:




Red bell pepper

Yellow bell pepper

Red onion

Red cabbage






Avocado slices


Crushed almonds or peanuts

Lime wedges

  1. Remove the larger leaves of the romain and stack on a plate, these will act as your “boats” for the filling. The heart and smaller leaves may be discarded or chopped up to join the mix for the filling.
  2. For the dressing, mix together the next 6 ingredients, set aside.
  3. In a large bowl, add your diced fruits and veggies, drizzle dressing and stir until the filling well coated.
  4. Fill your boats and top with avo slices, mixed fresh herbs, crushed nuts and sriracha.  Enjoy!

 This article was written by Chef Ryan Ross. Ryan Ross grew up in her mother’s organic health food store in Warrenton, VA. It was there where she started her career as a health supportive Chef. When she moved to NYC she attended the Natural Gourmet Institute and also became a Holistic Health Counselor. Aside from cooking privately for clients she is also the Chef at the Penington Friends, NYC. 


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