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Operation Beautiful was created in June 2009 by a woman named Caitlin Boyle. She saw how down girls were on themselves and wanted to encourage and increase their self-esteem and self-confidence. So this is what she did. She wrote positive sayings such as, “You are beautiful!” on post-its and stuck them on walls of bathrooms, hallways, and cafeteria. There were many positive reactions because for those who read her messages, they lifted their spirits and helped them to stop criticizing themselves on their appearance.

The purpose of Operation Beautiful is to put an end to negative self-talk or what is known as, “Fat Talk.” Images in the media can contribute to suicides and depression because girls and women often compare themselves to celebrities that don’t even have that skinny of a body in real life. Operation Beautiful was started to help people realize how much damage bad self-talk can do to them physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Do you want to help save and change the lives of those who are suffering from the lies of negative self-talk? To participate in this mission, all you need is a pen and post-its. Write positive sayings, different on each one, and stick it on public walls, bathrooms, hallways, lockers and anywhere that people will be able to see and read it.

If you want to have your post-its to be shown on the website, take a picture of the post-it on the wall, and email it to: For additional information and resources, visit

Operation Beautiful is an ongoing mission and movement! If you have other ideas to promote it, go for it! We want everyone to know that they are amazing and beautiful, just the way they are.


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