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Hobbies for Belles

Most of you know by now that it’s important to take a little time for yourself. If you do make that time, there’s still the question of what you are going to do with it. The answer is to find a hobby. Remember when you were younger and people used to ask your hobbies were? Find them again, or see if your interests have changed. Either way, applying yourself to a new hobby will leave you feeling happier before you know it!

An article from stated that, “There are many things you can do for stress relief, but the best way is through adopting some fun hobbies that you would look forward to doing.” If you pick enjoyable hobbies, the odds of you actually making the time to do them and do them often would increase.

The first task is to figure out what your interests are. Here are some really good activities to try:

Crafts: explained that medical studies have proven actual health and happiness benefits to those who take an active role in crafting. A study for women in their thirties who did crafts, whether it was needlework, painting, or simply decorating their houses, showed improvements in heart rate and blood pressure.

Sports/Physical Activity: Aside from the obvious benefits of exercise, it also gives you the chance to relieve any aggression you may have pent up and a chance to interact with other people–which not all hobbies allow you to do.

Photography: Especially today with our obsession with smart phones, taking pictures has never been so easy. Whether you have a really fancy paparazzi style camera, or even a disposable one from a local store, taking pictures allows you to express yourself and will be a reminder of things you admire.

Music/Reading: These hobbies provide Belles the escape they may need. Whether it’s getting lost in the words on the page, or the melody to a favorite song, taking the time out to embrace these escapes can leave you feeling even the slightest bit happier.

Anything you willingly take the time for and enjoy doing could be considered a hobby.  If none of these suggestions spark your interest, find things you are passionate about and try to find a way to make them a hobby. Hopefully with whatever it is you find, it reminds you to take some time for yourself–you deserve it.


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