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Blissful Belle Bedtime Guide

When was the last time you got a good night’s sleep? We’re talking the full recommended amount of seven to eight hours. You probably can’t even remember right? It’s a struggle to keep a balance between trying to balance all nighters, late work shifts, and that thing called a social life. Sleep can seem like a lost cause a lot of the time. You may think that staying up late and squeezing in a nap later on in the day will make it all better, but it doesn’t necessarily fill the sleep void.

Sleep is a lot more important to than you may realize. It gives your body the chance to rejuvenate and allows for important body and brain processes to occur. A lot of the time sleeping and living life just don’t seem to go hand in hand.  Whether it’s because you’re away at school for the first time, studying until late hours, or just can’t seem to fall asleep–a lack of sleep can drastically affect how you perform in your everyday life. The lack of performance will affect all areas of your life including school work, your job and essential daily tasks.

No more counting sheep!

One simple way to fix your sleep schedule is to check your pillows. Not for hidden presents from the tooth fairy or anything crazy like that, but the condition of your pillow.  According to an article from, it is important to make sure your pillow isn’t “dirty.” Make sure you’re changing your pillow every once in awhile to make sure no allergens are making your pillow their permanent residence.

After you have taken care of your pillow it’s time to address the actual time you’re giving yourself to sleep. Teens should get about nine hours of sleep to perform best throughout the day, but some studies found that about eight hours was sufficient. Aim to be asleep at a time that gives you somewhere between eight to nine hours. According to an article from a study found that only 15 percent of teens got at least 8.5 hours of sleep.

An ideal time to go to sleep would be around 11 p.m., but this depends on your schedule. It would allow you to get that minimum amount of sleep noted before, if your alarm was set for around 7 a.m. If you have the luxury of sleeping a little later in the mornings, you can push your “bedtime” back as appropriate.

If you’re a night owl, which is totally fine Belles (we promise), you may think you’ll suck it up, go out,and just take a nap when you get a chance the next day. This is fine but there are a few important points to bring up regarding this habit. An article titled, “Do Naps Help or Hinder Sleep?” states that napping is fine if your trying to just make up a temporary lack of sleep–not if this is a regular occurrence.  It also suggests that nap-taking should be before 2 p.m. and not exceeding thirty minutes. Napping later and longer could have negative affects on your sleep and make you even more tired and less like the Blissful Belle you are!


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