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How To: Find The Perfect Internship

Forget about the job scramble after graduation, because if you haven’t got at least one internship on your resume by the time you graduate into the selective publishing and design fields, you won’t even be given the chance to scramble. It seems as though recently, so much emphasis has been placed on the elusive internship that you could mark down “found a cure for cancer” on your resume and employers would still scour the paper to see if you held an internship during school. Whether this new trend is worrisome or welcomed, it has been embraced and we’re all looking for a little field experience to pad the resume. Sleep doesn’t have to be lost over the search though, because there are a plethora of websites devoted to helping the desperate hopefuls.

If you’re any sort of journalism or publication design major and have yet to hear about this website, welcome to your future. The internship openings listed on this site range from the highly coveted to the wildly obscure, so there’s always something for everyone. Also, the website sponsors a scholarship for unpaid interns during every semester—an extremely appreciated gesture to offset the extreme costs of living in New York City without a paycheck to rely on.

While this site is more geared towards actual job postings, there will still be an internship or two ready for the taking.  Or, if you’re just curious what kind of jobs are opening up in your field right now, this website is a great place to browse around.

Lauren Berger, the CEO of the InternQueen company, held 15 internships before she completed her undergraduate degree, so she could be considered an authority on landing an internship. This site is chock full of advice from current and past interns from a wide variety of fields, plus there’s a daily posting of available internships to apply for.

As the name might suggest, the internships posted on this site focus on fashion design houses and PR companies. But, the great thing about internships is that it’s a chance for any student to try on a number of hats before having to settle into a job for years at a time after graduating.

However you decide to attack the internship search, make sure that you do attack it. There’s always a season of interning coming up—apply now to put yourself in the running for opportunities over winter break.

If you’re getting ready to graduate and need some advice after searching for internships, check out College Graduates In A Recession.


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