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How-To: Build a Professional Image on Paper

The thought of finding a job or internship can be extremely stressful!  Probably one of the best ways to spark someone’s interest and land a job is with a killer resume. Follow these guidelines to create the perfect resume to land you that dream job!

Less Is More: Busy employers will only look at the first page before moving on. Keep your resume to a single page; this will force you to highlight what is really important. If you have too much information for one page try playing with the margins or font for more room.

Bullet Format: When listing activities or past employment, go into detail. In short sentences or phrases describe programs you used or are familiar with, along with any responsibilities you learned. If your ideal job stresses team management, include any supervising tasks you did. Employers will look for someone who possesses their key qualities.

Wording: Visit a few websites and see what qualities your job entails. Then see if you can change around any wording to be more professional. Choose your words carefully and turn that summer of babysitting into “learned great time management skills.”

Resumes should cater to a specific image based on your field, but always be honest! A Blissful Belle will find herself instantly rejected if a lie is detected. Work with what you’ve got and show off the amazing potential you have!


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