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Fall Fashion: Mad for Menswear

Menswear is a timeless and sophisticated trend, but many women are afraid of looking too boxy or mannish in masculine pieces. Here are some tips for taking menswear-inspired separates and making them more feminine and fun.


Trust in tailoring: Don’t go to the men’s section and buy your trousers, button-downs, and suit jackets. Instead, buy clothing cut for women. Most importantly, if something is too long or too wide, find a great tailor or seamstress to take it up or in for you. Shop for length not width, and always size up and tailor down if you need to. Almost everyone needs to get clothing tailored, so don’t hesitate to do so.


Have fun with color: Even though blacks, whites, and grays are flattering and classic, try choosing suiting in a whimsical color like a watermelon pink or teal blue. It will amp up the style factor in your outfit and it makes an unexpected fashion statement.


Mix up pieces: The short suit or a cuffed trouser with a comfy t-shirt makes suiting more casual and perfect for a day out. A Chanel-style boucle jacket with a high hem mini is also an amazing option. Remember that the shorts in the short suit might not necessarily be workplace-appropriate without tights or at all.


Add Accessories: Try a bejewelled statement necklace or earrings with a pair of killer stilettos for a commanding, sexy look. Hair accessories like headbands and barrettes are also spectacular for taking a look to the next level.



About Mallika Dhaliwal

Mallika Dhaliwal is a freshman at the University of Southern California who hopes to major in the scope of human knowledge since she can't seem to make her mind up about which discipline she loves the most. She knows, however, that she loves fashion, people, stories, and a variety of fine and performing arts, and wants to visit every continent before she turns 35. Mallika enjoys old movies, classic novels, dressing up, tea parties, indie music, European and art history, theater-going, and especially traveling.

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