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How To: Find A Backpack To Fit Your Personality

Like usual, the alarm clock goes off for the thirteenth time and you still can’t get yourself up to face the day. By the time you finally do manage to get up, the situation is way past standing in front of the closet for ten minutes to decide upon the cutest outfit to wear today. Thankfully, you’ve got one very useful accessory that doesn’t require any time to assemble and will always add bonus points to your look. The backpack is an essential for many types of people, and it’s worth investing in to own one that shows off your personality every time you wear it!

1.The Classic Pack.

Jansport is the go-to brand for quality backpacks that are known for their classic cuts and colors. Pick one in a solid, stand-out color to create a little envy amongst your other classically styled friends.

2. The Luxury Pack.

This pure leather creation from Lucky Brand blends a slight western tone with an overall feel of quality, luxurious build.

3. The Humorous Pack.

This style, also called a “Back Buddy” comes in a variety of characters from all of the classic series that are near and dear to our hearts. Not only does Yoda cling to you in a touching manner throughout the day, but he also can hold your entire load to carry you through the day.

4. The Textured Pack.

Don’t be put off by the fact that this backpack is labeled for girls ages 7-14. The furry texture can double as a pillow or stuffed animal, just waiting to be hugged and provide comfort after a disappointing test or stressful work day.

5. The Serious Pack.

This backpack doesn’t mess around. From its long, leather straps to the padded straps, this pack means business. Got a long day of classes filled with math and chemistry textbooks? This has got you covered. Going hiking for the weekend? No need to get another pack, because this one could do the job just as well.


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