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The Exercise Debate: How much is too much?

Everyone knows that it’s important to exercise and stay fit because it increases your overall health. Your sweat sessions can become addicting, which can lead to an exercise disorder. Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing and exercise is no exception, Belles.

Exercise helps lower cholesterol, keep weight in check, and increase heart disease prevention. Excessive exercise can counteract the said benefits. Web MD explains that obligatory exercise, as it is often called, can sometimes lead to depression and exhaustion, as well as physical harm.

Exercise becomes an unhealthy addiction when it becomes an obligation that you can’t miss under any circumstance. The habit transitions from a happy, stress-relief activity to that of an exhaustive daily task. An article from Kids Health Web site put it best when the author stated, “He or she no longer chooses to exercise but feels compelled to do so.” Much like people can be addicted to other vices, extreme working out is another addictive behavior that can be added to the list.

It is crucial to understand the meaning of “excessive” in relation to exercise. According to the BBC, research has shown that adults are recommended to exercise a minimum of 30 minutes, five days a week. The exercise doesn’t have to be vigorous as long as you are moving. Some people are going to far surpass 30 minutes, and some people aren’t going to be able to fit in 30 minutes each day–and that’s okay.

The key is to find an exercise regimen that fits into your schedule. You will know you have a problem when you participate in exercise sessions to avoid feeling agitated and not to reap the benefits. Your eating and sleeping habits will most likely be affected by an excessive exercise schedule as well.

You should know that working out constantly won’t always get you the end result you may have in mind, whether it’s an attempt to obtain a certain image or to reach a certain goal weight. Similarly, going overboard on your run and weight lifting session will not cancel out all of the unhealthy food you eat. Over-exercising, isn’t an excuse to overeat and both will have implications on your health.

Please, take a minute to evaluate your workout habits. Reflect on your needs and decide if your workouts are actually fulfilling a healthy lifestyle. Cutting back on your exercise habits can benefit you more in the long run because you won’t get burnt out. Participate in exercise for the positive effects it brings and you will feel so much better in the end.


One comment on “The Exercise Debate: How much is too much?

  1. Kate Branciforte
    October 27, 2011

    love the main picture! ROWING!! 🙂 🙂

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