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How To: Find Success Through Personal Initiative

As any wrinkled and wise old person might tell you, there will be extreme highs and lows when it comes to the amount of success anyone will have in his or her life. However, there are certain principles that each person can adopt that will help to nurture both mind and body through the immediate satisfaction of personal initiative and the long-term satisfaction of the success that will flow through the immediate actions.

  1. Break down the barriers. You may be a journalism major at Mercyhurst Community College developing a story dealing with originality and pop culture, and you know that an interview with Lady Gaga would add the perfect insight to your story. Why not call up her public relations agency and find out if you can talk to her? Or, you may be a science major and your favorite biologist just won a prestigious award in his or her field. Why not find out how to contact that person and let them know that you really admired their work on different mixtures of plant soils? Yes, there is a chance that they might not respond, but you never know until you try. Don’t ever reject an idea because social stereotypes have told you that it wouldn’t be successful.
  2. Never pass up a “reach” application opportunity. Who says you aren’t qualified enough to apply for a position at Apple’s headquarters? Both internship and job openings will surface with companies that are household names, and taking the initiative would mean applying even if you know the odds. Don’t think there’s any way you can get an internship as a freshman? Apply to 20 different companies and maybe, just maybe, someone will drop out of the position at one of the places and your resume will just happen to be the next in line
  3. Get to know the people you admire. This person may be a manager at a job you have or an upperclassman at the school you attend, but either way, they just always look like they’ve got something exciting happening for them. It’s important to position yourself around these people and always be in the type of motivational environment that they seem to create wherever they go. These people will share your passions openly, and will always be pushing themselves forward to do their very best, and that attitude will then translate to you.

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