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You Are Not Alone: The Blissful Belle Guide to Happiness


Part of being happy, is actually knowing that you have the chance to be. Many people try to bring others down and this can become overwhelming. It’s important to take the time to remind yourself that you are not alone and you are important. Even thought it doesn’t always feel like it, at the end of the day, it is up to you to choose happiness every day–and you can.


The internet makes you susceptible to feelings of insecurity, and immediate access to the web inflames this issue. Among the issues are the images of females flaunting the “ideal” image, which is not based on realistic standards. You have to deal with media and peer influences and measure up to their standards. The reality is that people are going to try and break you, but you have to know that there are outlets and people out there to help you find your strength.


One of these outlets is an organization called “It Gets Better” which is a project that was founded in September 2010. The whole premise behind the movement is to provide a message that re-instills faith and hope in bullied individuals. Although, the message is predominantly directed at the LGBT; the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community, the overall message still applies to most people. According to, it states that “you are not alone–and it WILL get better.” The Web site features YouTube clips which share both stories and words of encouragement from both celebrities and regular people. The message is something you should hear and apply to your life regardless of your circumstances.


Another inspiring message to pay attention to is “Love is Louder.” is a foundation that works with The Jed Foundation to try and help young people silence the hate and remind them that love is more important. Founded in part by actress Brittany Snow (Hairspray, John Tucker Must Die), the organization encourages supporters to submit drawings and photos that showcase the message. The foundation uses social media  to try and attract the attention of those in need. You can become part of this community by following “Love is louder” on twitter and joining the group on Facebook. The same goes for “It Gets Better” as well!


If you are feeling depressed and alone don’t ignore the signs or feelings. Speak up and don’t be scared to ask for help. Get rid of the idea that asking for help makes you weak because it will only make you stronger. Confide in a friend, guidance counselor, your favorite teacher, or your parents. Be proactive and utilize the Web sites mentioned above. They have hotlines that offer advice from trained professionals who will take the time to listen to whatever problem you may be facing. No problem is ever too small. Take a few minutes to check out some of these organizations if you feel like it has been awhile since you’ve been happy. If you only take away one thing from this article, let it be this – you matter.


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