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Extreme Weather: Destruction and Devastation

Earthquakes, flooding and mudslides, oh my! Mother Nature has showed us her force in numerous locations this week.

A 7.2-magnitude earthquake shook up Turkey unexpectedly last weekend. More than 2,500 people were injured by the quake with crews rescuing 187 from the crushing wreckage and rubble. Unfortunately, death tolls have reached 570.

Many houses have been destroyed and others were left “unfit to live in.” With the winter coming and a shortage of housing and the loss of material as well as human life, Turkey is struggling to get back on its feet. Relief agencies have provided tents and foodstuffs to several communities, but resources remain scarce with citizens worried about their present and future.

Thailand has been experiencing extreme flooding, “the nation’s worst flooding since 1942.” Suburbs of Bangkok, the nation’s capital, have already been submerged by vast amounts of water, but now the city’s central areas are under extreme threat with the anxiety of this weekend’s high tide. Citizens of Thailand have been wading through the murky waters out of necessity, risking disease and infection with each step they take. There have also been sights of crocodiles and snakes.

Mudslides and flooding devastated areas of Italy, ridding of the scenic beauty that many of us have dreamed about visiting someday. Monterosso al Mare, a medieval town and UNESCO World Heritage Site, experienced devastation as a muddy river flowed through the village’s streets. Several have died as a result of the torrential rains, and hundreds of others have been left without shelter. According to the New York Times, there is a severe lack of resources to fix the damages in the short term due to the current state of the economy.

Weather seems to be increasing its intensity in recent years, months and weeks. There is speculation as to its link with man’s destruction of nature as well as its connection to global warming. Looks like we’ve made Mother Nature angry – it’s about time we consider the effects of our actions!


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