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How-To: Quit A Bad Habit

College life tends to create daily routines. When balancing classes can get overwhelming, having some structure is great. But not all Blissful Belles’ college habits are healthy ones. Whether you are a nail biter or a cigarette smoker, quit bad habits now before it’s too late!

I Want To Do This Instead. No one likes the idea of having to give something up that has become customary in their lives. The notion of quitting makes the habit a constant thought in our minds which fuels cravings. Instead of telling yourself you want to end a habit, come up with a great replacement to focus on. For example, junk food eaters should focus less on avoiding greasy food and more on what the new diet will look like. Commit to drinking water with meals and having at least a few salads a week. The French fries will become less appealing when you are thinking about salads and not burgers. Try this trick of the mind!

Partner in Crime. Not only is quitting a bad habit a challenge, if others are still doing it then the motivation to quit decreases. Find a friend in a similar situation and agree to both help each other stop. This will enforce the need to quit and create a support system when the cravings kick in. Blissful Belle, if you picked up a smoking habit in college, find the partner who is going to stop you from lighting up, buying a pack, or even thinking about cigarettes. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Some things we can’t do alone!

Ease Into It. One of the biggest setbacks can be slipping with a bad habit and reverting back to your old ways. Quitting cold turkey is ambitious and after a few weeks you might find yourself back where you started. Don’t get ahead of yourself! Create short-term goals where you decrease the bad habit little by little until you eventually lose dependence. This strategy is much more realistic and effective. For example, naps can become a regular occurrence in college and once you graduate, fitting in a nap will become close to impossible, leaving you tired and cranky. Instead of daily naps, set a goal of two naps a week for a few weeks. Once you succeed, extend the goal to the next few weeks but this time only allow yourself one weekly nap. This way you take your time quitting to make sure it is long lasting.

If you fail to quit a bad habit the first time, try again! After college, a lot of things that were acceptable will become an inconvenience and burden to your life. For example, procrastination becomes harder when you pull an all-nighter and have to get up at 7 a.m. for work the entire week. Start now before the year is over and turn your life into a healthy one, bad habit free!


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