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Your Life In Snapshots

Maybe it’s human tendency, but have you ever noticed that when you look back over the years, the bad times over shadow the good ones? You remember the heartbreaks, lost friendships or even bad days you’ve had. For whatever reason, we always tend to dwell on the negative, but if you think about it, we normally take pictures of the happy times. Why not make a scrapbook that contains a compilation of the wonderful memories you have? When life gets tough, you can flip through your book for a pick-me-up.


Unfortunately, scrapbooking is associated with two stigmas. Scrapbooking gets pinned with the “grandma” activity label. The other association it gets related to is ‘arts and crafts’ time, which we tend to think only younger kids partake in. In reality, scrapbooking is a therapeutic activity enjoyed by many people, regardless of age.


In article from, NYU psychologist Robert Reiner said, “The act of performing a craft is incompatible with worry, anger, obsession, and anxiety. Crafts make you concentrate on the here and now and distract you from everyday pressures and problems.” Not only is it making you concentrate on the present, but it’s giving you the chance to enjoy the memories you’re currently making.

So you know some benefits, but do you know how to make one? It’s actually extremely simple. You can go to a local crafts store, or even stores like Target and Walmart, and pick up an album. If you don’t feel like spending money, you can just staple some pieces of computer paper together and create a makeshift scrapbook. Most people use albums with a full page slip, instead of purchasing ones with multiple slips for pictures on one page. Speaking of pictures, you may want to start toting your camera around in your purse to snap impromptu pictures. Start documenting your life. It’s time to start capturing your memories, be it you and your friends on graduation or a sunset from your favorite beach.


Once you obtain some content, you then decide on a theme. You can divide your sections into weeks, months, school years or occasions. Pick whatever approach works for you. Get creative. Start saving ticket stubs from concerts, games, or other events. You can even cut out quotes and pictures from magazines and books. The more memorabilia you save, the more you’ll be able to add to your book.


Most craft stores designate aisles for scrapbooking supplies. Supplies can be anything  you desire including stickers and themed pages. Remember to make the book about your experiences and your ideas. Although it’s typically used to highlight the good times, don’t be afraid to put some of the not-so-good times in too. Life is a journey and your book should reflect your unique path. Ten years from now when you go through your book, you want to be able to see where you used to be, but just as importantly, how far you came.


At the end of the day, you want your book to be something you can look back on and treasure. Scrapbooking gives you the chance to put your life on pages for future reference, while reminding you to live in the moment. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so make sure your book says a lot!


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