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How To: Find Pandora Stations To Fit Your Mood

Pandora is a music-mixing genius. The following list takes advantage of the genius to bring out the best of each of us by capitalizing on certain situations and playing the best soundtrack to the current mood.

Best “classes are done for the day” station: J Roddy Walston And The Business

It’s the perfect mix of chilled energy. Gritty rock n’ roll vocals mix with alternative electric guitar rhythms to create a sound that is just too cool for school. Also, as a side note, I highly recommend seeing these guys before they get too big for a college student’s budget. J Roddy can play a mean piano.

Best “post-date” station: Jenny & Tyler

You know that feeling when you get back to the room after he kisses you goodnight, replaying the night over and over in your mind? In that moment, sitting on your bed, there is absolute peace. This couple is a darling singing duo who also happen to be young married sweethearts. It doesn’t get more perfect!

Best “all-girl roadie” station: Hot In Herre

This station keeps it coming, with all the classic hits of our younger years. Who doesn’t want to rap along to “Get Low” while reminiscing about how huge that rap was back in the day?

Best “dance/rave” station: Saturday (Basshunter)

Creating the station by the name of the song instead of the artist does of a world of difference in this case. Saturday is a cross-over mix of club and techno beats, which produces a station that caters to a larger audience.


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