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Post-Halloween Candy: Don’t Get Tricked By The Treats

Halloween brings trick-or-treaters, spooky costumes and candy – lots of candy. Candy is everywhere at school, your job and the store. Halloween treats can tempt even the most strong-willed Belle to indulge. Here is a way to give in to your indulgences, while still maintaining a healthy diet.


Before you begin sifting through that candy pile, you have to stop feeling guilty. We all know the holidays are almost a free pass for even the healthiest people to eat the foods they love, and Halloween should be no exception. A few pieces of candy here and there are OK. The holiday is called trick or TREAT for a reason – so treat yourself.


You are going to have to play the wonderful game of “eat this not that,” to eat your candy wisely. Unlike most games, you will be forgiven for cheating. It all comes down to choosing the right candy pieces, not denying yourself.


We’ll start with all of the chocolate lovers. Whether you’re a fan of Snickers, Hershey Bars, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Milky Ways, this information will help you become candy-savvy. According to an article from, Snickers is the winner in the match-up between Reese’s and Snickers. Snickers is a better choice because it has less fat and calories than Reese’s. However, if you prefer Reese’s, all hope isn’t lost because it contains protein.


If your sweet tooth tends to do the talking when it comes to your favorite candy, between Smarties and Sweet Tarts, Smarties are the smarter bet. Even though they taste just as delicious as Sweet Tarts, they actually have less sugar and calories. Candy leaves us begging for more and more. The trick is to choose the most satisfying option, enjoy it and move on with your life.


Like with any snacks that can be considered “bad for you” we all know that moderation is important and the treats from Halloween are no exception. Candy can be replaced with healthier alternatives like fruit, but when the spooky goodies are constantly in front of your face, willpower may not be able to keep you from the candy pile. By choosing the healthier picks out of your pile, you can enjoy yourself and feel a little less guilty. Halloween is all about the “spooky” and scary, but don’t let the fear of calories stop you from enjoying the seasonal candy.


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