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Sweat More To Stress Less

The season of holiday is approaching quickly which means shopping, and celebrating, along with midterms, last minute papers, travel plans and stress. Did you know that exercise could help alleviate a lot of your stress?

Not only is daily exercise proven to help maintain a healthy weight, keep your body strong and healthy, and prevent diseases, but it is also helps combat stress in a multitude of ways:


Releases Endorphins

Have you ever heard of a “runner’s high”? This is referring to the feeling of euphoria that many runners feel when they are out on the road or treadmill. The good news is that you don’t have to be a runner to experience this feeling.

Exercise releases endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that act as natural painkillers. Chemicals are released into the bloodstream when your body is under physical stress. The release of endorphins results in a feeling of happiness.

It Helps You Focus

The more you exercise, the more you are able to focus on daily tasks. Exercise helps to  decrease your ability to store hormones that cause stress, such as cortisol, which helps eliminate day-to-day anxiety.

Boosts Your Self Confidence

It’s no secret that exercise helps you tone up and keep your weight in check, but even if you don’t have your “dream body,” working out can still help boost your sense of self confidence. When you have a positive self-image, everyday stresses will have a harder time bringing you down than if you didn’t work out regularly.

It Improves Your Sleep

Daily exercise will help your body fall into a regular sleep pattern, which helps reduces stress. says, “Exercise also can improve your sleep, which is often disrupted by stress, depression and anxiety. All this can ease your stress levels and give you a sense of command over your body and your life.” As a college student you know how important sleep can be, so make the most of your slumber by squeezing in a workout.


You don’t have to be an athlete to be able to reap the rewards of exercise. The options are endless. You can hike, bike, run, play with your dog, or play tennis. Get out there and try something new that will get your heart rate up. Don’t make exercise just another part of your “to-do” list, or else it may become a chore. Make exercise part of your lifestyle, like brushing your teeth in the morning. It will become routine and you will soon become one stress-free Belle!


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