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How-To: Accessorize For Winter Weather

Cold weather requires being bundled up but you can still be stylish. Blissful Belles know the right accessories are crucial to completing any glam outfit. However, with so many options and trends it can get difficult narrowing down what items to purchase. Don’t worry! Here are this winter’s top must-have items.

A Step In The Right Direction. A great pair of boots can make the winter weather bearable. When searching for a combination of comfort, practicality, and style, the perfect boot can seem impossible to find. No matter the occasion, these boots are a necessity.

  • Hunter Rain Boots: Avoid ruining your shoes in the rain with this reliable brand. They come in a wide array of colors to fit your preference. They also have great traction, which is essential in the rain. These boots are sold at an affordable price, perfect for belles on a budget.
  • Steve Madden Zextor Boots: Over the knee boots are a staple item this winter, and Steve Madden always offers chic style for a great price! At only $90.00 in black, grey, and cognac, these neutral colored boots will make any outfit look great.
  • Cozy Fur Boots: Keeping warm is important, and with faux fur boots that’s possible! These boots embrace the winter weather and come in so many different styles and colors.
Wrap Yourself Up. Scarves can embellish any outfit. Infinity scarves are huge this winter because of the warmth they provide. Like many styles of scarves, infinity scarves come in different sizes, patterns, and materials. Belles, if you have already fallen in love with the infinity scarf, then add fringe infinity scarves to your fashion lists. They add an extra bit of flare to an outfit, without losing the warmth needed in the cold weather.

Warm From Head to Toe. A lot of times coats and shoes steal all the attention leaving little focus on your head! Bundle up every part of your body.

  • Faux Fur Earmuffs: Match your faux fur boots with faux fur earmuffs. Neutral colors will go with most outfits, and are a great way to keep your ears warm without giving you the dreaded winter hat hair!
  • Ear Warmer: Another great way to protect your ears from the cold without an overwhelming winter hat, while keeping your outfit girly, is the ear warmer. These bands can be found in tons of colors and sizes, and add a little boho style to your wardrobe.

Toasty Hands. Whether you are driving to campus, walking around, or playing outside, freezing hands are terrible. Although cute, mittens can become a pain when you are trying to do things, and gloves can make simple things like texting difficult. Belle, if you don’t have convertible gloves yet, you need them! Convertible gloves are the best fashion invention, keeping your hands warm while still letting you use your fingers, if necessary. Invest in a pair to make life a little bit easier in these upcoming winter months!

Next time your shopping, pick up some of the items on this list. Your new accessories will make you excited for snow and cold weather for a change!


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